The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain

Beach and Pain

Falaka Mix III

The 3rd Falaka Collection

We proudly present the 3rd Falaka Mix movie which is a collection of 12 unique member area videos and the bonus video “The Kiss of the Scorpion”. 92 minutes full of falaka, bastinado, foot torture just including screaming, crying, begging female slaves who receives pure foot pain. Pay one price for these 13 videos

Beach and Pain

Jacqueline and her boy friend go to Italy for holidays. It`s really hot so they go to the beach at the Ligurian Sea. Jacqueline`s boy friend is full of sadism. Jacqueline has to feel the pain of the stones and pebbles by walking barefoot at the beach and in the water. Poor Jacqueline…her holidays become torture days.