The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain


My Embarrassing First Falaka

Private Line

My Embarrassing First Falaka HD It is very embarrassing and I am ashamed. I know I have no choice. It is a humiliation knowing that you can see my barefoot soles and watching me receiving falaka.

Lana is living in traditional culture. Showing the soles of your feet in the direction of someone else is considered disrespectful in her family. Her Master Dani knows it and use this for a deeper punishment. He is punishing her mentally and physically. Lana is receiving falaka in front of the camera on her naked soles. Knowing that we all will watch her punishment and see her naked soles makes it more painful for her.
This video is a home made video for our Private Line productions. It is an amateur video. We just made the post production. Everything else is made by Lana and Dani.
Please make a comment about this video. Humiliate Lana with your words. We should support Dani to continue the falaka of Lana.

Jacqueline`s Outdoor Bastinado

Jacqueline has her first outdoor bastinado today. It`s an adventure for her because she is ashamed. Maybe someone could see her receiving pain on her naked soles. Her boy friend starts with a cane and continues with the 2 floggers he bought just for Jacqueline`s bastinado. After the warm up he binds her feet and toes to beat them together. Bastinado on toes is really painful. Her boy friend also uses branches and his hand just giving her more pain. She screams really loudly…maybe someone hears her :)