The Art of Foot Torture

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Watch Elif’s falaka live streaming which will last almost an hour and will be broadcast via a Telegram channel.
Please click on the link for further information. You will be redirected to the “Falaka Movie Project” website.

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Lexa Reborns

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Falaka Movie Project
We are trying again to make a falaka film and are collecting donations for it. We like to take a long time to do this. A new website has been set up for the project and we will support the fundraising campaign with various projects so that a dream can become reality. Be there!

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excruciating falaka cover

Excruciating Falaka

There are slaves who are so devoted to their Master that they feel unworthy. This can go so far that they punish themselves to express

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Watch amateure made bastinado videos. In addition to our videos, we have also videos from bastinado enthusiasts.

Private Line videos are made by amateurs. Couples, amateure producers and you can send us exclusevily your private falaka videos.

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