The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain


Oriental Girl IV – The Falaka Torture

Oriental Girl is teched in falaka and feet torture together this time. Her Master MasterDaPain wedges her feet, uses the glow of cigarettes on her feet which are wearing in nylons. The melt nylons are roasting the skin of her soles. He bastinadoes many many times her feet during the torture. He goes on with fire and hot wax torture and finish it with a long feet whipping session. Then her feet are ready for the final falaka. She receives many hard beats on her high sensitive, painful and naked soles with the cane. This falaka torture is definitely one of her most painful BDSM educations she has ever got.

Bastinado Adeline

Adeline the beast must be humilated. Mistress Tugce (a Mistress from Istanbul) does this job very good and bastinadoes Adeline as hard as possible. She beats the naked soles with a paddle which is really painful. Nasty girls need this kind of punishment.