The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain

big stick

Jacqueline`s Bastinado Experience

Jacqueline and her boy friend do BDSM in their partnership. But Jacqueline has never tried out bastinado because she`s afraid of the pain. But her boy friend really likes bastinado so she takes heart to do her first bastinado session. Her boy friend is really happy. So this clip begins with the BDSM bastinado session. Jacqueline`s bastinado experience begins painful with a big stick. But she has problems with the awful pain under her soles. So he bounds her feet and toes and let her feel the whole pallete of bastinado pain with stick, cane, riding crop, whip, flogger, board and also hand. It`s hard but we believe Jacqueline liked it because it seems to be just the beginning of a series of bastinado sessions.