The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain

feet torture

X-Mas Foot Torture

Michelle likes X-mas and New Year’s celebration. Phil helps her having a special time for both celebrations with a very special feet torture. He decorates her feet like the Christmas tree. Needles get deep into the feet of Michelle to hold the trimmings. He also let her feels wax, fire and bastinado torture. And what do you think he does with the sparklers…:) Yes, torture Michelle`s feet to the limits. But she likes to be a victim of torture. Pain is the only way to celebrate in a way of a slave.

Rebecca (pure Bastinado)

Rebecca likes to receive bastinado and feet torture from her boyfriend Exsanguinous. They made many clips about their bastinado sessions and this is the first one made exclusively for
Rebecca is waiting for a long bastinado torture. The torture begins with a good painful warm up. Exsanguinous knows how he must torture Rebecca and he handles the pain very good. He starts beating her soles with a paddle until they become very sensitive for pain, then he goes on with a riding crop and uses next a good extreme painful whip. These few sentence includes nearly 18 minutes of pure bastinado with parts of sole torture by tickling. Rebecca just cries and screams. She can’t get out of the bondage although her soles pains extremely. She has no chance to get out of the pain until Exsanguinous is pleased. Pleased means in this case pure sadism and swollen soles because of hard bastinado beats.

Oriental Girl IV – The Falaka Torture

Oriental Girl is teched in falaka and feet torture together this time. Her Master MasterDaPain wedges her feet, uses the glow of cigarettes on her feet which are wearing in nylons. The melt nylons are roasting the skin of her soles. He bastinadoes many many times her feet during the torture. He goes on with fire and hot wax torture and finish it with a long feet whipping session. Then her feet are ready for the final falaka. She receives many hard beats on her high sensitive, painful and naked soles with the cane. This falaka torture is definitely one of her most painful BDSM educations she has ever got.

Extreme Feet Torture

Phil and Nic do an extreme feet torture on Lea. Lea receives bastinado with a cane at the beginning. So her soles are hypersensitive for the torture. They begin with fire torture. Lea is screaming but they go on with candle torture on her branded soles. The pain of fire torture gets extreme with bastinado again. After this Phil and Nic starts the needle torture on her toes. They go deep into the skin with the needles until the soles and toes of Lea are bleeding. While she`s crying the pain becomes maximum.