The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain


Subspace while Falaka

After the desaster in ‘Falaka Cane – I give up‘ slave Elif is ready to be punished for it. She has to pay for it. The bill increases because she has to pay additional beatings for each Turkish lira from the last purchase. And this is again a pure falaka caning. But this time she knows how many times her naked soles will be beaten. 450 times. But you can imagine that MasterDaPain is counting in another way. So she receives much more falaka. And it is really painful for her. In hogtied position with a mouth gag she has no chance to stop the caning, to take away her feet or to pray for mercy. When her soles burn like hell and the pain become horrible she gets into another dimension. She reaches her own subspace where the pain of falaka makes a sense and she gets another unknown power to take this extreme falaka punishment. After this falaka her desaster is forgotten.

Video Format: WMV – Length: 54 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

Hogtied Falaka

slave Elif has a mental self-discovery crisis. But she knows that her place is under the feet of her Master. She just needs the hard hand of MasterDaPain to solve this crisis. Falaka is the only way. She really loves the pain of falaka. MasterDaPain punishs her with a hard falaka torture and makes her feel safe. The hogtied bondage makes this feeling more deep. The hogtied falaka gives her new power.

Video Format: WMV – Length: 14 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

Tradional English Cane I

This video can also be called pure bastinado on poor Martine. She is hogtied and has a 13 minutes long bastinado session with the cane. From the beginning til the end she gets beats on her naked soles. You know the philosophy “no mercy for slaves” so her soles swell under the power of hard beats with the traditional english cane. There is no break no time to breath…just pain.

Bastinado Inurement

After her first bastinado session in “Bastinado Time” Lisa wants to continue the way of a slave educated mainly by bastinado. So Anthony wants to train her feet for continual improvement of her soles. In “Bastinado Inurement” he beats her soles with different kind of canes, tools and whips. She has to learn the effects of pain by changing positions. She gets bastinado hogtied, sitting on a chair,…
The next 15 minutes of bastinado goes on. Lisa`s soles are swollen and her feet are full of pain. She screams louder to the end of the session. It`s not easy taking bastinado more than 30 minutes without any breaks.