The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain


The Time is ripe for Bastinado

Marsha sent me an email: `Dear Parox, I know you from and I`m fascinated by your mercilessness. I still think i’m in my prime, and yes, the world is still a big adventure chest with lots of drawers still waiting to be opened. Although I’m middle-aged, I haven`t had any experience with bastinado. I have many experience as a slave still loving extreme pain. Torture is just a passion for me. I like to be dominated by a hard hand. I like to cry and scream because of unbelievable pain. So please, I`m begging for it give me a hard bastinado session. Please. I would do everything for it. Please punish me without any mercy. In deep devotion. Marsha` So Marsha gets her first bastinado session with mercilessness. She has to feel the pain on soles with a flogger, belt, big belt, riding crop and cane.