The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain

no mercy

Permanent Pain

Sallenaz reachs a higher level as a slave of MasterDaPain. Now her next step of education begins. She must learn to hold up permanent pain. MasterDaPain fix her whole body on a bed but not her toes and feet. Sallenaz has to hold her feet parallel and side by side. It`s a very painful education done with extreme whips of her Master. No noise! Full pain control! No mercy! Her begging doesn`t change anything. MasterDaPain gives her a very painful start of a new education area.

Tradional English Cane I

This video can also be called pure bastinado on poor Martine. She is hogtied and has a 13 minutes long bastinado session with the cane. From the beginning til the end she gets beats on her naked soles. You know the philosophy “no mercy for slaves” so her soles swell under the power of hard beats with the traditional english cane. There is no break no time to breath…just pain.