The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain


Falaka Un-Bound

falaka-un-bound-42Lesson 1: Falaka Pain
Nar Ezgim loves the pain of falaka. Although falaka is very painful she has a fetish for this foot torture. Today she is learning to love the pain although it is not a punishment. It’s just the sadism of her Master.
Lesson 2: Self Control
MasterDaPain hates indiscipline. Now she must prove that she is worthy to be his slave. She is forced to take the falaka without any bondage. Now she will be punished for indiscipline with the pain of falaka unbound.

slave Nar Ezgim receives falaka for MasterDaPain’s pleasure. But the beatings are too harsh for her poor naked soles. Her Master becomes angry and she must prove her devotion. She must take the pain of falaka without any bondage. Unbound she receives falaka to her limits. It is so painful that she prays for mercy.

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Tradional English Cane II

Eden saw the video “Traditional English Cane” and did apply for a bastinado session; the same traditional english cane session with Martine. We accept her apply and she gets the same pain. But she doesn`t think about the different qualification of her feet. Eden`s feet are meeker, more sensitive and not trained for bastinado with cane. For this reason the pain is extremely and Eden is fighting with her self-control bearing the pain. This clip is the first part of 2 from this painful session.