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Falaka Impact 7
Falaka Impact

Falaka Impact 7 – Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond rises to the challenge of Falaka Impact and faces the pain of the falaka. It is her first falaka punishment. She knows the

The Pain Of Defiance HD Cover

The Pain Of Defiance

The pain of defiance often results from inattention, carelessness or lack of consequences. It is defiance when rules are not repected. Only serious consequences will

I Love Falaka More
extreme falaka

I Love Falaka More

Since the first falaka video, slave Elif has changed and evolved a lot. She startet with “I ❤ Falaka”. It’s an evolution when you compare

Emily New Horizons Falaka Impact 6

Falaka Impact 6 – New Horizons

Falaka Impact 6 is evolving and everyone can follow this development. For the first time, before a Falak Impact episode, we’ll let you know who

Rebirth of Pain Passion 1 Falaka Video

Rebirth of Pain Passion 1

Falaka Video - Rebirth of Pain Passion 1 – “Cold disturbs your control” is the first video of

falaka impact 5 cover
belt whipping

Falaka Impact 5

Falaka Video - Chocho is a woman of Arabic descent who has never received the falaka before. She