Special Shop

In our special shop you can purchase a selection of videos at lower prices. You can use our order form to make a selection and send it off. We will reply to you by email and send a payment request via paypal. As soon as we receive the money, you will receive an email within 24 hours with information on how to download the videos.

Receive 10% discount on orders over 200 USD.

Why don't you offer more videos for sale?

At the moment we are testing this way of selling. If it should be successful, we want to offer all our videos here as an alternative

Why are the prices here up to 30% cheaper?

We can give our customers the more favorable conditions for payment processing and other costs that are eliminated as a price reduction.

How can I buy the classics of your videos?

If our special shop should be successful, we intend to offer almost all videos here. We would even restore some.