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Falaka Pleasure 2 Poster

Falaka Pleasure 2

Falaka Video - What is falaka pleasure? PLEASURE: …enjoyment, happiness, or satisfaction, or something that gives this; Coffee

Falaka Impact HD Wallpaper
Bastinado Documentary

Falaka Impact

This falaka video is a new project. We made the first bastinado documentary with a female model who is not masochistic, is not a BDSM

Oriental Girl II
back pain

Oriental Girl II (repowered)

Severe punishment is the second title of this movie and these two words are describing this movie best. The 2nd part of the series if

Bastinado for High Heels

Nar has been wearing in flat shoes until today. She must learn wearing in high heels. MasterDaPain educates her for the pain of high heels

Just Bastinado Sallenaz

Sallenaz falls prey to the 2nd clip of the “Just Bastinado” series. She receives bastinado by her Master with a double paddle. Every beat is