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Falaka Flagellation

Falaka Video - “Due to my shortcomings in timing and planning issues that I have been doing since

Hogtied Falaka

Hogtied Falaka

Falaka Video - slave Elif has a mental self-discovery crisis. But she knows that her place is under

Falaka Pleasure HD Cover

Falaka Pleasure

MasterDaPain is pleased with the education of his slave Nar Ezgim. She does a good job as a slave and as his own 3 hole

Sole Torture for High Heels
begs for mercy

Sole Torture for High Heels

Lesson: How to Wear High Heels with Feeling Pain Nar Ezgim doesn’t like the pain when she is wearing high heels. Now she is learning

Pain Experiences

A couple send us their amateur video. Liliya is receiving pain first time. She has problems loving the pain but her boy friend is presenting

Peg Out Washing and Bastinado

My slave Sallenaz has washed her lingerie peg them out. I like her nylons, slips, bras and suspenders. I like to use my creativity for