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Graceful Bastinado 2

Graceful Bastinado 2

Falaka Video - Pure Caning Yes, I still feel pain on my soles. It hurts a lot because

Sole Torture for High Heels
begs for mercy

Sole Torture for High Heels

Lesson: How to Wear High Heels with Feeling Pain Nar Ezgim doesn’t like the pain when she is wearing high heels. Now she is learning

Bastinado Inurement

After her first bastinado session in “Bastinado Time” Lisa wants to continue the way of a slave educated mainly by bastinado. So Anthony wants to

Chained for Bastinado

Lexa continues her slave education with MasterDaPain. She has to be humilated again by bastinado. MasterDaPain uses his new whips to punish her soles. Her

Needle and Electricity Punishment

The slave’s torture begins with needles which are deep in her soles and toes. Then her Master begins with the electricity torture. He begins with