The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain

Graceful BastinadoWhen we speak about BDSM with Simona, she always describes her slave education in the past and her Master. She says that he made her stronger and better and how chronic pain has made her happier. BDSM is a deep part of her life. She really loves the pain, the devotion, the self discipline.
So we spoke about bastinado and foot torture. She was thrilled to the idea, receiving her first bastinado in front of a camera, showing the result to many thousand viewers. So we did. This is the 46 minutes of length video.
It’s a long bastinado torture which we made until her mental and physical limits. MasterDaPain whipped and caned her feet many hundred time. Watch the video and listen to the emotions, pain and hear the screaming of her. She didn’t beg for mercy because she is a proudly slave but she could stop the punishment any time. Although she had to fight against herself and the extreme pain, she did not. The hard foot caning and whipping were absolutely new, scary and extremely painful for her. But it is not her last one.

First Bastinado Punishment 4 Dirty Feet

Falaka Impact 2 Cover HDWe’re happy to announce that the 2nd part of Falaka Impact is out now. We have the same conditions as before. One of this condition is that it must be her first bastinado.
She is Miss Rage. She came to the session with her boy friend who was the guest of the whole bastinado punishment. Miss Rage likes the game of domination and submission but she has never received any bastinado or foot torture. And we found a good reason to punish her feet.
Dirty FootHer feet were really dirty. Her other foot is also dirty. What would you do if this girl was your slave? Wouldn’t you punish her feet with bastinado until she realized her mistake and promised to do better? You have good chances to educate her with bastinado if she has never received bastinado yet. The skin of her soles are so sensitive that the bastinado pains double or more. Please look carefully to the picture or to the preview gallery. We think she should get a good foot cleaning education. How would you educate her?
In CageArresting her in cage or other D/s power games are funny but we are sure bastinado is better. So Miss Rage received a long and intensive bastinado in traditional falaka position. She was able to stop anytime but Miss Rage is a real tough girl. It didn’t matter for her how painful it became. Her boy friend gave her power. The humiliation in front of him gave her more power. She didn’t shrink from the beatings of the whip and wasn’t ashamed to be humiliated by the punishment in front of him or the camera. You can watch her crying and talking about the pain, bastinado and feelings. Watch her screaming while her feet and naked soles swelled, became dark red and full of marks.
You can buy the video from our shop (also witout subtitle) or download it with the whole picture gallery in our Member Area.
Please post a comment and share your experience or your imagination how to educate a slave.

Bastinado f Worship Cover HDDo you remember the movie “Lexa’s First Steps”? We made a video of the obliged worship with bastinado part for our partner website www.feetloves.com with a new post production.
Lexa is a lazy slave and she makes too much mistakes. Sallenaz is her Mistress and she educates her doing a good foot worship. Lexa has to lick the soles and to suck the toes of her Mistress while she receives a bastinado punishment. Sallenaz is whipping her naked soles as painful and powerful as she can. It’s a long and very painful kind of punishment and education for Lexa. She does her best foot worshipping she has ever made but her Mistress is too angry to forgive the mistakes. So the foot punishment becomes a 30 minutes long foot torture. Begging for mercy is useless.
You can buy the video from feetloves.com video shop and the pictures from image shop or download it with the whole gallery in our Member Area.

Foot Whipping and BastinadoEkim Vog Kicher asked us if we would like to add him into our Private Line project. He sent us his video and we were delighted with it. It is a fabulous amateur bastinado video.
slave Cerena is watching TV although it is forbidden by her Mistress. Mistress LastLilShedevil catches and punishes her. She is giving bastinado to Cerena. It is Cerena’s first bastinado punishment. It is absolutely new for her receiving foot whippings on her naked foot soles and it’s too painful. Her Mistress tries out punishing with different paddles and whips until she knows which of them tortures more. Cerena fights with the pain but she has no chance.
This is her first bastinado but not the last one. Nasty slaves need many times of foot torture to become a good slave :-)

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Falaka HD Wallpaper

Falaka Torture OrientalWe have renewed our wallpaper area. We added a first collection of 12 high class foot torture wallpaper pictures in full HD format 1080p (size 1920×1080 px). We choose mostly pictures you know like video covers, preview pictures and art works. But we made a complete new design work on every picture. We worked on art design, colours, new compositions and the quality. You have never seen them in same beauty, sizes and quality before.
And we added 3 new pictures. 2 of them are absolutely s/w paint works based on our bastinado pictures. These are the first falaka paint pictures with this technique world wide. The 3rd picture is “Hide Behind Grid Wire” with Sallenaz. This is an absolutely new picture with her showing her tortured foot soles after bastinado behind a grid wire.
This first HD falaka wallpaper collection is dedicated to Sallenaz. You can see every preview picture in original wallpaper quality in our wallpaper area and you can buy them without the preview text from our Image Shop.

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