The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain


My Embarrassing First Falaka

Private Line

My Embarrassing First Falaka HD It is very embarrassing and I am ashamed. I know I have no choice. It is a humiliation knowing that you can see my barefoot soles and watching me receiving falaka.

Lana is living in traditional culture. Showing the soles of your feet in the direction of someone else is considered disrespectful in her family. Her Master Dani knows it and use this for a deeper punishment. He is punishing her mentally and physically. Lana is receiving falaka in front of the camera on her naked soles. Knowing that we all will watch her punishment and see her naked soles makes it more painful for her.
This video is a home made video for our Private Line productions. It is an amateur video. We just made the post production. Everything else is made by Lana and Dani.
Please make a comment about this video. Humiliate Lana with your words. We should support Dani to continue the falaka of Lana.

Graceful Bastinado 2

Pure Caning

Graceful Bastinado 2 HDYes, I still feel pain on my soles. It hurts a lot because they were beaten with a cane just last night. It’s hard to tell but this time it hurts much more than the last time. It seems that this pleasure will go on for a few days.

Graceful Bastinado 2 is much more harder than the first one because the bastinado is made by cane only. No warm up. No belt. No whip. Just the merciless hand of MasterDaPain and the cane is punishing Simona out of her limits. The only power she has is her believe into MasterDaPain. She wants to succed, she doesn’t give up, she wants the pain, she goes on until the bastinado torture is over.

Falaka Impact 3

Falaka Impact 3 Cover HDToday we proudly present the 3rd part of the Falaka Impact series. A new girl received her first bastinado. She made just one experience before. A friend hit her one time on her soles. But it was not a real falaka punishment. Just a joke. But we are not joking. Arctica made a painful bastinado experience which she won’t forget ever. Because we went again to the limits until she gave up.
When we had asked her before why she has accepted the bastinado she said: ” Maybe I’m trying to prove myself. I want to push my body to its absolute limits.” And we did so. We began slowly but with a strong hand. The hits on her naked soles became harder and harder. The impact was absolutely fantastic. Arctica is a masochist but she haven’t ever known the pain of falaka. The foot torture made her tame and bondage to MasterDaPain. But the Master of pain didn’t stop until he reached her absolutely limits. And she was really tough.

Graceful Bastinado

Graceful BastinadoWhen we speak about BDSM with Simona, she always describes her slave education in the past and her Master. She says that he made her stronger and better and how chronic pain has made her happier. BDSM is a deep part of her life. She really loves the pain, the devotion, the self discipline.
So we spoke about bastinado and foot torture. She was thrilled to the idea, receiving her first bastinado in front of a camera, showing the result to many thousand viewers. So we did. This is the 46 minutes of length video.
It’s a long bastinado torture which we made until her mental and physical limits. MasterDaPain whipped and caned her feet many hundred time. Watch the video and listen to the emotions, pain and hear the screaming of her. She didn’t beg for mercy because she is a proudly slave but she could stop the punishment any time. Although she had to fight against herself and the extreme pain, she did not. The hard foot caning and whipping were absolutely new, scary and extremely painful for her. But it is not her last one.

Falaka Impact 2

First Bastinado Punishment 4 Dirty Feet

Falaka Impact 2 Cover HDWe’re happy to announce that the 2nd part of Falaka Impact is out now. We have the same conditions as before. One of this condition is that it must be her first bastinado.
She is Miss Rage. She came to the session with her boy friend who was the guest of the whole bastinado punishment. Miss Rage likes the game of domination and submission but she has never received any bastinado or foot torture. And we found a good reason to punish her feet.
Dirty FootHer feet were really dirty. Her other foot is also dirty. What would you do if this girl was your slave? Wouldn’t you punish her feet with bastinado until she realized her mistake and promised to do better? You have good chances to educate her with bastinado if she has never received bastinado yet. The skin of her soles are so sensitive that the bastinado pains double or more. Please look carefully to the picture or to the preview gallery. We think she should get a good foot cleaning education. How would you educate her?
In CageArresting her in cage or other D/s power games are funny but we are sure bastinado is better. So Miss Rage received a long and intensive bastinado in traditional falaka position. She was able to stop anytime but Miss Rage is a real tough girl. It didn’t matter for her how painful it became. Her boy friend gave her power. The humiliation in front of him gave her more power. She didn’t shrink from the beatings of the whip and wasn’t ashamed to be humiliated by the punishment in front of him or the camera. You can watch her crying and talking about the pain, bastinado and feelings. Watch her screaming while her feet and naked soles swelled, became dark red and full of marks.
You can buy the video from our shop (also witout subtitle) or download it with the whole picture gallery in our Member Area.
Please post a comment and share your experience or your imagination how to educate a slave.

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