Dream of Humiliation with Public Falaka

Dream of Humiliation with Public Falaka This is a falaka story from slave Elif’s “BDSM Blog Project” website that we have translated into English language.
One of my dreams is to be punished for public shaming in the presence of women. As part of a certain punishment and duty, I was bastinadoed in front of women, I licked their feet and was humiliated. However, there is something missing. I want to explain the deficiency with a dream that comes to life inside me while I am punished by falaka in front of a window.

In my dream, I was standing in the middle of a crowd in the middle of a large, stone-paved square. Everyone’s eyes were on me, especially the women. The square was laid out like a kind of tiny ancient amphitheatre. People sitting on the steps rising around me were watching me. Generally, the audience was all barefoot women. The tension in the air was palpable. It was as if everyone was holding their breath, waiting for what would happen.

There were two women holding the falaka

Suddenly, my Master appeared. His presence filled the entire square and everyone fell silent. I knew he was going to bastinado me, and a strange wave of excitement rose within me. I’ve been waiting for this moment. My Master approached me with firm and determined steps, and there was a mix of mercy and determination in his eyes. I slowly stretched my feet and prepared to be punished by falaka.

There were two women holding the falaka. They were tiding my feet into the falaka with contemptuous looks on their faces. “Wait, you don’t even know what’s going to happen to you, you dirty bitch!” they seemed to say. They were both smiling mercilessly, clearly enjoying my suffering. Their emotionless looks and cruel smiles further reinforced the realism of the dream. Fear and excitement mixed inside me. It was as if each of Master’s movements was part of a ritual. When he raised the stick in his hand, the crowd made a roar.

She deserves more

When the first blow landed, I felt a sharp pain, but this pain gave me indescribable pleasure. Each blow to my feet deepened the pain and humiliation, arousing complex emotions within me.

I looked into the eyes of the women, the ones holding the falaka and the ones watching. They were all watching carefully. Some had a disdainful expression on their faces, while others had a clearly amused smile. Among them, there were those who made sarcastic and insulting remarks: “Look how she is suffering!”, “She must have deserved it!”, “She deserves more!” These words, their contempt for me, and the pleasure they took in punishing me, excited me even more. Each blow caused both pain and pleasure to deepen further. An intense storm of emotions was raging inside me. Pain and pleasure were intertwined, giving me mixed but deep pleasure.

Definitely not enough

The women’s humiliation of me, their pleasure in punishing me, was part of everything. I liked this situation. I was lost in these complex emotions. Every time the stick in Master’s hand came down, the crowd was getting more excited and I was getting closer to the dark pleasure inside me. My heart was beating fast and I was short of breath. Each blow increased the fear inside me, but also deepened the pleasure.

One of the women holding the falaka turned to Master and asked, “Is this enough punishment?”. “Definitely not enough,” replied my Master, with a sarcastic look in his eyes. This question was actually asked just to humiliate me even more, and I liked it very much. The feeling of humiliation inside me was increasing with each blow, but this humiliation was giving me intense pleasure. The conflicting emotions inside me made the dream even more real.

One spit was too little for the public falaka

One of the women holding the falaka asked permission from Master and spat in my face. This moment was one of the most humiliating moments of the dream, but it also created a wave of intense pleasure inside me. I thought to myself, “I wish the other one had spit too.” Then I wanted all the women to spit on my face and mouth. One spit was too little for the public falaka punishment. This thought deepened the emotional turmoil that the dream caused me. All the emotions inside me mixed together, dragging me into an emotional vortex.

Then came an order that made me wet in my dream. Master called someone from the audience. “Lick this woman’s soles clean,” said Master. The woman was surprised at first, but immediately extended her sole towards my face with a happy look. Her sole was so dirty. The entire sole was dirty from walking barefoot all day. And it smelled. I could have lost myself at that moment. I don’t like clean and odorless women’s feet. When I lick clean feet, I feel like a society slave. “Lick her feet right now, dog!” he said and a heavy blow fell on my naked soles.

I lick her soles like a hungry dog

Now my emotions were about to go crazy. No, I was going crazy with pleasure. I lick her soles like a hungry dog. I breathe while licking so that I can inhale the smell of her feet into my lungs. In order for my Master to be merciful to me, I enter between her toes with my tongue and swallow the dirt I lick. I can’t explain my happiness right now. And I see a similar happiness in the facial expression of the woman whose foot I licked and who ignored me with her gaze. Finally, I kiss her feet and say, “Thank you for letting me lick your feet.” The public falaka continues.

While I was experiencing this humiliation and pain in the middle of the square, in front of everyone, I felt an indescribable pleasure inside me. Each blow, each humiliation pulled me deeper. This punishment ritual, which continued in the square throughout the dream, had become a spectacle for both me and the audience. Each moment, each blow gained a different meaning within the dream. While everyone’s eyes in the square were on me, with each blow of my Master, I was going deeper into my inner world. This dream was the perfect combination of pain, humiliation and pleasure. I was living every moment with great passion.

With the stick hitting my naked soles

These complex emotions I experienced in my dream, these moments where pain and pleasure were intertwined, led me to deep thought. This intense pleasure, combined with the feeling of humiliation and punishment, gave me the opportunity to explore my own inner world. These deep and complex feelings inside me became more evident at every moment of the dream, taking me on an inner journey. Each moment, each blow, reminded me of my own inner strength and weaknesses. This dream was not just a punishment ritual for me, but also a journey of self-discovery.

Bastinado At The Window

– Teaser of the falaka video that had triggered her dream –

The reason why my Master punished me with falaka in front of the window able to see other people is obvious. He wants me to relive such dreams that I have from time to time. He takes me towards my dreams. I know that one day, he will pull me into the square as if in my dreams. He will cause me great pain as the stick hits my naked soles without mercy. He will degrade me in front of unknown women and let them spit in my face and mouth. My Master will make me listen to their insulting words. And he will make me lick the dirty feet of the women he has chosen in front of everyone, while the others watch with pleasure and make fun of me.

My only wish is for it to come true soon because I want to experience this the most.

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