Excruciating Falaka

excruciating falaka cover There are slaves who are so devoted to their Master that they feel unworthy. This can go so far that they punish themselves to express their unworthiness. Elif arrived at exactly that point and even refused to eat. This is the reason for the punishment, which is divided into two points. First of all, she harmed herself without receiving permission or orders from her Master. In doing so, she also damaged her Master’s property, herself and she is his property. Furthermore, refusing to eat at her Master’s dinner table is an insult, because it is an honor and a privilege to have her place there.

However, this development is something very positive that slave Elif does not yet understand. She has become a part of her Master’s soul. She feels so at one with him that she in turn feels unworthy. This is the opening to the next level of pain perception. She can only free her soul through pure pain. Therefore, she is subjected to a falaka, which has never been carried out on her with such ruthless severity. The ruthlessness of MasterDaPain is only surpassed by the sounds of the canes, which hit Elif’s bare soles without mercy and take her breath away. She can’t beg for mercy because of the pain. However, the pain gives her the freedom to feel worthy of her Master. The pain frees her soul, but in return her body takes a very painful toll.

Pain makes you free from sin.

Excruciating Falaka AFTERTHOUGHTS

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excruciating falaka afterthoughts cover

What slave Elif thinks about it

Hello. I’ll tell you about my bastinado yesterday. When I was getting ready to come to my Master, I was not aware that I had the reason for the falaka in my mind. I made a decision for myself. It was an inappropriate and unnecessary decision. There was a sense of pride in being drawn to falaka. I destroyed it. Now I went through a process that is easy to explain but difficult to experience. I went through difficult thoughts and made a decision for myself. When I went to my Master, I would not even drink water if possible. I wasn’t going to eat anything and didn’t know how long I could last. I couldn’t resist doing it.

It would definitely attract my Master’s attention. I could never come to the conclusion he reached. I have never thought or interpreted like him. Why wouldn’t I eat something, why wouldn’t I drink something?

Because I thought I didn’t deserve it. I thought I was taking up space because of the mistakes I made, the tasks I couldn’t do, the things I couldn’t do. For some reason I wanted to punish myself like this. It’s such a contrast to be with my Master while thinking about this. Being with him and not even drinking his water. So many unbalanced thoughts passed through my mind. I somehow didn’t eat on the first day, the second day, the third day. I didn’t drink anything properly.

Only bastinado could cleanse these dirty thoughts

Of course, it caught my Master’s attention. I said I wasn’t hungry. In fact, this decision was so strong in my mind that I did not feel hungry. I knew I would eventually speak up. I knew my Master would question me. This topic could not go any further. We talked about this issue with my Master in a place I never expected. Of course, by that point he had asked me before asking “Why?”.

I tried to say that it should not be emphasized. But it wasn’t convincing. After a certain point, when he really wanted to know why, we were outside. We were in a place that was not suitable for me. Because I experienced the stress of this thought so much. I thought a lot about it. I felt many things. I had convinced myself of its reality. I thought I couldn’t speak publicly like that. But when my Master started the topic, I couldn’t stop. I explained why. I said I didn’t deserve it.

My Master realized that me and my thoughts were wrong when the conversation started. When a person falls into pessimism, she cannot correct herself. As it falls, it falls even further. She’s tripping over her own feet. That’s what I did. My Master’s speeches really put me at ease. Frankly, I was especially happy when I heard that the punishment for this was bastinado. Only bastinado could cleanse these dirty thoughts. And I didn’t know this. I didn’t know that I could get rid of those dirty thoughts in my brain, no matter where, no matter how limited time. I always thought it needed a special time.

The pain in my soles is still there

But no. My Master can overcome many problems even on his feet. Even within a few minutes. He solved those bad thoughts that I had been thinking about for weeks in 6 minutes. I felt relieved. Then, yesterday, I was bastinadoed because of this issue. I knew it wouldn’t be simple. Of course I wanted that too. Because it’s a huge dilemma to be at a place you want and think that you can’t handle it.

One foot in the threshold, one foot out the door. It’s not an easy thing. If I had the courage, I might never have come. But I can’t do this. I can’t stop myself from coming to my Master. The best thing was to get rid of those dirty ideas. My Master took the first step by talking to me. The second one was falaka. Just as those thoughts left me helpless, my Master left me helpless by tying my feet and laying me face down. I didn’t have a chance to move much. I thank my Master for freeing my hands. This way, I could cover my mouth with socks when I needed to scream.

Falaka was the step that gave me the most relief in this regard. The way I lie down for the falaka, I don’t get up again. There are definitely radical changes taking place. I feel better. He first started with a whip. These were warm-up laps. I knew very well that it wouldn’t end there. Even then I had a harder time. Because I knew very well the harshness that would follow. The pain in my soles is still there. It was as if I was bastinadoed with hot irons. It wasn’t easy to get over.

This pain can clear this mistake

Being bashed with my Master’s new canes was exactly the punishment I deserved. There was a thin one, there was a thick one. All their pain is different. There was the short and the long. The canes were different to correspond to all my nonsense thoughts. Meeting those canes was very valuable to me when I was drawn to the bastinado for such a reason. After all this time, such bad thoughts were cleared with those canes and bastinados. There were moments when I stood there as the canes were coming down one after another, and very hard.

I tried to think why on my own, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe I was able to hold back because I deserved it so much. Sometimes, I even wanted to fall out of bed writhing. It hurt so much. I wanted to escape. But I remember it very well. I think you’ll notice it in a few places while watching the video. My soles hurt so much that I remember very well saying this. This pain is a pain I deserve. This pain is not greater than my love for my Master. This pain can clear this mistake.

Excruciating Falaka Album

The album with 60 pics are available at Elif’s FAN site!

I think I deserve bastinado

I remember very well the moment I had these conversations with myself. I think the proof that I was forgiven by both my Master and the cane was the breaking of the canes one by one. The error has been corrected. Good thing there is falaka. It’s a good thing my Master bastinadoed me for this mistake. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get rid of these bad thoughts. I wouldn’t feel well. I couldn’t get it together like this. I felt really relieved and relieved after the bastinado. My insides were empty, now they were clean.

After the falaka, I experienced an event that made me very happy and embarrassed. My Master applied creams to my feet with his own hands, rubbed them and massaged them. I don’t know how many slaves would have the chance to experience bad thoughts, then falaka, and such beauty.

Afterwards, we went out with my Master. I started eating something now while talking about the before, that moment and after of the bastinado. I don’t think I’ll ever think this way again although I am a fallible person and very error prone and aware. My next step is to leave these behind as much as I can. There must have been a reason for me to think so. Because I thought that I could not serve my Master as much as he deserved. Of course I will do my best. I will do more.

A bastinado punishment has to be deserved for better reasons. I feel ready for this and thank my Master very much for this pain in my soles. Love and respect to you too.

What Emily says about it

I had to pause for a moment just to say- this is incredible ! 😳
Now that I know what the canes feel like, I am watching those strikes, that consistency, that force…

I can’t comprehend how she hasn’t screamed on top of her lungs yet, or how she hasn’t passed out; the punishment you are giving her is incredible, and she is incredible for withstanding it that way too!
And her hands aren’t even tied, making it all even more impressive.

Finally she begins losing some control! And even then, she still manages to do it with elegance and restraint.
That was absolutely amazing! It only inspires me to learn from her, and inspires me to become capable of withstanding that much, that well. Even though our roles are fundamentally different (slave and model), I still aspire to perform like her during sessions, when it comes to the amount of bastinado pain I am willing to go through. After the last minutes of our latest session, I believe this to be possible!

I wasn’t very sure I could do it before; but after seeing Elif do it, she has inspired in me the willingness and strength to say; “yes, it’s possible; she could, so I will be able to as well!”

Oh, I love how she, too, asks for more strikes at the end!

emily p Emily P

Solve your question together with your Master

I am calling out to the slaves from here. Take care of your Master’s trust! This is yourself as your greatest trust. Everything you do to your health, the thoughts passing through your brain, and your body should be good for you. Because you are entrusted to yourself by your Master. Take care of yourself and your thoughts. If a slave punishes herself like I did, it is a huge mistake. All that is required for this is for your Master to give you an order. Please don’t do like me. Don’t punish yourself. If your Master has invited you to his table, do not miss this opportunity. Because perhaps there are many slaves who are not invited to his table.

Unfortunately, we do not know how many people have had this chance. I had this chance. I recoiled immensely. Do not disrespect your Master’s table. Do not hide anything from your Master. My Master also has his opinion, I am sure many Masters have their opinion. Hiding something is equivalent to lying.

Even if you do this with good intentions, you will make a mistake. I fell into this mistake. It’s my advice to you. Do not hide anything from your Master. You cannot solve the problem alone. You will drown more like me. Solve your question together with your Master.

He is the only person who can help you.

Excruciating Falaka Teaser

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köle Elif
köle Elif
4 months ago

Efendim, yorumu isimsiz şekilde bana ilettiğinde Emily’den geldiği içime doğmuştu. Düşüncelerini ne güzel ifade etmiş. Onda böyle hisler uyandırabildiğim için mutluyum. Teşekkür ederim kendisine. Övgü dolu sözleri kalbimi coşturdu. Her kelimesi çok değerli. Bir şeyler öğrenmek için bir tarafın çok tecrübeli olmasına gerek yok. Emily gibi yolun başında ve buna rağmen cesur birinden ben de çok şey öğreniyorum. Emily’nin son videosu bana kabuğundan çıkan yavruyu anımsatıyor. Resmen yeniden doğuştu. Kendini model olarak tanımlasa da, bir köle kadar kendini acıya teslim edebiliyor. Ona biçilen cezaya razı olabiliyor. Acıya böylesine gönüllü birine hayran olmamak elde değil. Biz belki de, bizzat olayın içinde… Read more »

Reply to  köle Elif
4 months ago

Greetings, Elif, thank you for your response! I am really flatered to read all of this coming from you, and I am very glad to know my session and commentary on yours evoked those feelings on you. I agree with your last sentence, as well! You couldn’t have explained it better. There are some things in life which can only be fully gasped when you experience them from both the 1st person and 3rd person perspectives to get the full picture; and that is exactly what happens when we can share our experiences like this! We both feel them on… Read more »

köle Elif
köle Elif
Reply to  EmilyP
4 months ago

Merhaba Emily. Rica ederim. Senin de duygu ve düşüncelerini öğrenmek bana da iyi geliyor. Göz önünde olmanın keyfi yanında belli bir sorumluluğu da var. Senden ve başka insanlardan örnek olduğuma ve ilham verdiğime dair aldığım iltifatlar, sizlerin gözünde nerede olduğumu gösterdi. Efendim’in sayesinde hem köleliğimi yaşıyorum. Hem de BDSM’i en doğru şekilde öğrenilmesine katkı sağlıyorum. Bir köle daha ne isteyebilir ki! Sınırlarımı zorladığımı başlarda fark edemiyorum. Bu, o anda gelişiyor ve ortaya çıkıyor. Seansın nedeni, Efendim’in tepkisi ve bende uyandırdığı etki çok önemli. Bazen hayret ediyorum. İnanamıyorum kendi videomu izlediğimde. İyi ki Efendim var. Hepimizin hayatına farklı ve güzelleştirici bir… Read more »

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