The Art of Foot Torture

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Lexa Reborns

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Traditional Falaka Movie Project
We still work on our falaka movie project.We will realize the project at some point. However, there is still a lack of funds to make it a reality. We are looking for supporters and sponsors who want to help us. Please contact us if you want to contribute to the realization of the project.

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The Graceful Bastinado 2 Story

Pure Caning

The true Graceful Bastinado 2 story Bastinado – Cruel, Pleasant, with Cane and somehow Graceful BDSM Sometimes people ask peculiar questions. Maybe I find them

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Private Line

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Watch amateure made bastinado videos. In addition to our videos, we have also videos from bastinado enthusiasts.

Private Line videos are made by amateurs. Couples, amateure producers and you can send us exclusevily your private falaka videos.

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