The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain


Falaka Pleasure

Falaka PleasureMasterDaPain is pleased with the education of his slave Nar Ezgim. She does a good job as a slave and as his own 3 hole bitch. So he thinks that the time is ripe to punish his slave just for his own pleasure. His choise is bastinadoing with traditional falaka. Maybe you think falaka pleasure is the light way of foot torture. But you are absolutely wrong.
MasterDaPains falaka pleasure means bastinado on the naked soles of his slave who is not allowed to beg, to implore or to offer her body for mercy. She must take the pain as long as her Master wants to pain and punish her. Just screaming and crying is allowed and she is screaming because the torture of her feet is extremely painful.

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Eric’s slave

Eric and Iza present a private BDSM session. The whole session is just including bastinado. Eric begins with a whip and Iza isn`t tied up. But she can`t take the pain and Eric ties her feet and starts bastinadoing with a cane. 26 minutes pure bastinado is just available in our member area. You can`t buy it in our video shop or anywhere else.