The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain


Naked Feet Compulsion

slave Elif repeats a very stupid mistake. She enters her Master’s house in socks and shoes. She forgets to take them off because she is very excited to see her master. Therefore, they have to repeat an old lesson so that Elif finally understands that she has to walk barefoot in her Master’s house. This rule is naked feet compulsion and it is a basic rule.

MasterDaPain would like to perform such a hard falaka that she feels the pain very strongly for days in order to always be reminded of her stupid mistake. From the beginning he strikes mercilessly. To do this, he uses a cable and the cane. The pain should go deep under the skin. The blows on the soles of her bare feet are carried out with merciless harshness right from the start. Elif is very brave.

She holds her feet up to the blows as best she can and tries not to be too loud. So she wants to prove that she recognized her mistake and understood the punishment. However, she struggles almost to the point of exhaustion not to give up.

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Sexual Revelation with Falaka

We’re all human. It is therefore only understandable that a slave carries her problems from her private life into BDSM. slave Elif was brought up conservatively. She was taught that sex was only for procreation and that it was otherwise an indecent thing. Therefore, as the whore of her Master, she makes many mistakes. Shame, fear and a great deal of insecurity prevent her from indulging her desires and sexual inclinations. MasterDaPain had been patient until today. But yesterday Elif had exceeded his limits. He decides to sexually instruct and chastise her with the falaka. She is both chastened and punished for the mistakes. The falaka’s pain is like a sexual revelation.

slave Elif realizes very quickly how much she had failed as her Master’s whore. The blows with the whip and cable in particular hurt so much that she begs for forgiveness with every blow. With words and blows he frees her soul so much that she lives out her lust with the pain and her juice run from cunt to legs. She even begs for more beatings so that her flaws burn into her soul and she will never hold back her sexual feelings again. She is punished with the cane… Continue reading

I Love Falaka

köle Elif (slave Elif)

köle Elif; benim tüm varlığım ve yaratılış nedenim Efendime köle olmak içindir. (TR)

slave Elif; I was born to serve and to be the slave of my Master. (EN)


köle Elif (slave Elif) is a woman who lives in Istanbul. She is making her first steps as a slave. She serves MasterDaPain, is his submissive and slave. She made self falaka before she met him. Now it’s time to feel the pain of falaka from MasterDaPain. She has never felt this much pain in her life!
When the pain reaches the point of making it impossible to breath, MasterDaPain makes a break. At one point, however, she reaches her limit. But she doesn’t give up. She breaks her limits and make it possible to receive more painful falaka and foot torture in future. At the end she likes…no, she loves falaka.

slave Elif is a real life blog project about Elif, who becomes the slave of MasterDaPain. This BDSM blog is in Turkish language and includes the adventures of Elif.

This video is in Turkish language. We did not make a subtitle version. Would you like to have a translated version? Or isn’t it important? Please share your opinion and make a reply under this post.

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