Naked Feet Compulsion

slave Elif repeats a very stupid mistake. She enters her Master’s house in socks and shoes. She forgets to take them off because she is very excited to see her master. Therefore, they have to repeat an old lesson so that Elif finally understands that she has to walk barefoot in her Master’s house. This rule is naked feet compulsion and it is a basic rule.

MasterDaPain would like to perform such a hard falaka that she feels the pain very strongly for days in order to always be reminded of her stupid mistake. From the beginning he strikes mercilessly. To do this, he uses a cable and the cane. The pain should go deep under the skin. The blows on the soles of her bare feet are carried out with merciless harshness right from the start. Elif is very brave.

She holds her feet up to the blows as best she can and tries not to be too loud. So she wants to prove that she recognized her mistake and understood the punishment. However, she struggles almost to the point of exhaustion not to give up.

Video Format: WMV – Length: 42 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

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2 years ago

do yo do custom videos?

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