The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain

sole torture

Falaka Impact 3

Falaka Impact 3 Cover HDToday we proudly present the 3rd part of the Falaka Impact series. A new girl received her first bastinado. She made just one experience before. A friend hit her one time on her soles. But it was not a real falaka punishment. Just a joke. But we are not joking. Arctica made a painful bastinado experience which she won’t forget ever. Because we went again to the limits until she gave up.
When we had asked her before why she has accepted the bastinado she said: ” Maybe I’m trying to prove myself. I want to push my body to its absolute limits.” And we did so. We began slowly but with a strong hand. The hits on her naked soles became harder and harder. The impact was absolutely fantastic. Arctica is a masochist but she haven’t ever known the pain of falaka. The foot torture made her tame and bondage to MasterDaPain. But the Master of pain didn’t stop until he reached her absolutely limits. And she was really tough.

Oriental Girl II (repowered)

Oriental Girl IISevere punishment is the second title of this movie and these two words are describing this movie best. The 2nd part of the series if Oriental Girl continues with the punishment. Oriental Girl made a bad Job as a Mistress although she is an educated switcher. The falaka of Adeline was a disaster and Oriental Girl didn’t punished hard enough. Her sadism is to low. MasterDaPain uses the way of incredible pain and merciless sole torture to educate her in the best way of BDSM. First she receives a back pain with back whips. The pain of the whip and cane on her back are just the beginning for a severe punishment. It continues with an unbelievable falaka on her soft naked soles. MasterDaPain uses different kind of whips, belt, thong and also riding crop and cane. She receives many hundred beating on her naked soles. She takes the merciless pain as good as she can but she can’t stop crying and trembling. The pain goes deep into her soul. She hates her Master for this extreme punishment. But she has no chance than loving the pain. Falaka is her passion and she knows this. MasterDaPain knows exactly the limits oh his slaves. He knows that Oriental Girl is nearly limitless. So he continues with foot torture. Every drop of candle tears on her naked soles makes her feet more sensitive for pain. The skin of her tortured soles become more red. Her swollen feet pain extremely but he continues… Continue reading

Sole Torture for High Heels

Sole Torture for High HeelsLesson: How to Wear High Heels with Feeling Pain
Nar Ezgim doesn’t like the pain when she is wearing high heels. Now she is learning how to wear in high heels and loving the pain of her feet and soles. She must stay on the candles. The fire is roasting her soles. Nar begs for mercy and swears she will always wear in high heels no matter how extreme the pain is. But she must take the whole pain of MasterDaPain’s sadism.

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Falaka Mix III

The 3rd Falaka Collection

We proudly present the 3rd Falaka Mix movie which is a collection of 12 unique member area videos and the bonus video “The Kiss of the Scorpion”. 92 minutes full of falaka, bastinado, foot torture just including screaming, crying, begging female slaves who receives pure foot pain. Pay one price for these 13 videos