Falaka Impact 3

Falaka Impact 3 Cover HDToday we proudly present the 3rd part of the Falaka Impact series. A new girl received her first bastinado. She made just one experience before. A friend hit her one time on her soles. But it was not a real falaka punishment. Just a joke. But we are not joking. Arctica made a painful bastinado experience which she won’t forget ever. Because we went again to the limits until she gave up.
When we had asked her before why she has accepted the bastinado she said: ” Maybe I’m trying to prove myself. I want to push my body to its absolute limits.” And we did so. We began slowly but with a strong hand. The hits on her naked soles became harder and harder. The impact was absolutely fantastic. Arctica is a masochist but she haven’t ever known the pain of falaka. The foot torture made her tame and bondage to MasterDaPain. But the Master of pain didn’t stop until he reached her absolutely limits. And she was really tough.

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Reply to  Falaka.Net
10 years ago

Was muss ich da sehen? Ungepflegte Füße!? Sehr ungepflegte Füße! Keine Frage, dass sie dafür eine kräftige Bastonade mit dem Stock verdient hat! :-)

10 years ago

Good quality thanks

Martin Winkler
Martin Winkler
10 years ago

Awesome i luv artica, i luv the video, i luv falaka impact. Is fi3 last part of a trilogy or do you make more fi videos?

9 years ago

we wanna clips as like saillanze and lexa we wanna falaka

1 year ago

عاوزين كل يوم فلم فلكه

FALAKA.NET TRANSLATION: “We want a movie every day”

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