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My Soles Itch

My Soles Itch

Falaka Video - What does ‘tabanlarım kaşınıyor’ mean? My Soles Itch ‘Tabanlarım Kaşınıyor’ is an expression from Turkey

My First Self Falaka

My First Self Falaka

Falaka Video - FROM MY BLOG SEVİNÇ KUMAY AVŞAR “Good girl” Ah, what was it today? I can

Falaka Unbound

Falaka Un-Bound

Lesson 1: Falaka Pain Nar Ezgim loves the pain of falaka. Although falaka is very painful she has a fetish for this foot torture. Today

My First Falaka

Nar Ezgim is a young girl from Turkey. She enters the world of BDSM enjoying MasterDaPain as her Master. It is her first punishment ever.

Hanging Bastinado

Laura is an aggressive who is wild. Her spirit is free. But she has to become a submissive slave. Her Master punishs her with a

Bastinado Discipline

Maria Nesta’s education still goes on. Today she has to learn to stand on tips of her toes. She trains with eggs under her heels.