My First Self Falaka


“Good girl” Ah, what was it today? I can burst with happiness. My Master said “good girl” to me many times today. A Master saying “good girl” to his dog… If I didn’t die today, I won’t ever die. Today, I received bastinado for my Master. I got more than 120 belt lashes instead of 40 because I had to do it twice and I recorded and sent it to my Master. I can say that I was indulged thanks to my Master. But then I realized something while I was watching my video. I noticed that I said “thank you Master” instead of “I’m sorry.” I hope that My Master forgives me for my mistake. On the other hand, I made my Master very angry today. Sometimes I am a naughty bitch. Thank God, he never punished me for this. Though, even if he did, I would gladly embrace it. Today, my Master told me to buy something. It’s called clyster or something… I even forgot its name. It’s for washing the inner parts of my ass. I am always learning something new thanks to my Master. This is good for me. If a Master is happy, his whore is happy too. This has been my philosophy ever since my Master entered my life. I masturbated today. It was obviously a crazy thing to do at 1.30 a.m. but to tell the through, I couldn’t have much pleasure because I was busy biting my lips so that I wouldn’t moan. Why are these walls so thin? I hope that my Master will like it. My nail polish task is going well, I am used to them. Nowadays, whenever I go to bed, I fall asleep with the hope that my Master comes and resurrects my dead body. Who knows, maybe one day it will happen. I want this so much. I make it obvious even when I am talking to him. I feel like one of those perverts in Yesilcam movies. I feel patient and I feel like an expert at perversion. What a big success! While I am leaving myself to the hand of the night, I am offering my gratitude and respect for my Master.

…a blog sharing from Turkey…

(Joy – Bird of Paradise – Skilled)

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