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The Pain Of Defiance HD Cover

The Pain Of Defiance

The pain of defiance often results from inattention, carelessness or lack of consequences. It is defiance when rules are not repected. Only serious consequences will

I Love Falaka

I Love Falaka

Falaka Video - köle Elif (slave Elif) köle Elif; benim tüm varlığım ve yaratılış nedenim Efendime köle olmak

Graceful Bastinado 2

Graceful Bastinado 2

Falaka Video - Pure Caning Yes, I still feel pain on my soles. It hurts a lot because

Falaka Pleasure HD Cover

Falaka Pleasure

MasterDaPain is pleased with the education of his slave Nar Ezgim. She does a good job as a slave and as his own 3 hole

Bastinado for High Heels

Nar has been wearing in flat shoes until today. She must learn wearing in high heels. MasterDaPain educates her for the pain of high heels

Pain Experiences

A couple send us their amateur video. Liliya is receiving pain first time. She has problems loving the pain but her boy friend is presenting