The Pain Of Defiance

the pain of defiance The pain of defiance often results from inattention, carelessness or lack of consequences. It is defiance when rules are not repected. Only serious consequences will nevertheless put an end to this and lead to mindfulness so that careless actions are not taken. slave Elif lends her shoes to her girl friend Buse. It happened as it had to happen and the heel of one of the shoes broke off. Not only does Elif lend the shoes without asking her Master, but damage also occurs. And she only has shoes because her Master allows it. In fact, she should be walking barefoot. So it’s a privilege that she has shoes.

This fatal mistake is more than just recklessness. It’s a defiance. And so she must be punished more severely than before. Her falaka begins again with a merciless hardness. The more pain she feels, the harder MasterDaPain hits her naked soles. His sadism knows no bounds and expands as Elif attempts to forgive her.

Traditional Falaka

This time he uses a cane with a wide latex cover so that the pain reaches a higher level. The pain of a mixture of cane, whip, riding crop and cable drives Elif to despair. She reaches her pain limits. She wants to give up but can’t because she wants to prove to her Master that such a reaction of defiance will never be repeated.

She has to struggle to the limit to bear the pain.

The Pain Of Defiance TEASER

Video Format: MP4 – Length: 50 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

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5 months ago

What amazing falaka 😍! Elif did you have permission from your master to have white nails on your toes? Will there be falaka in future where both of Elif feet are spread apart, so you can punish each sole?

Reply to  Gali
5 months ago

Hello Gali, I am writing to you both in my name and in the name of my slave Elif. First of all, thank you for the lovely compliment. I am also very honored, from the perspective of a sadist, when I read “amazing falaka” about one of my punishments. As much as I’m honored, Elif also likes it when she reads beautiful compliments. It gives us both strength and motivation to keep going. We are also happy to accept requests and ideas. Therefore, the comments on this website are very important to us because we follow them and are interested… Read more »

Reply to  MasterDaPain
1 month ago

Hello, I have to admit that your amazing videos has created my life so joyful since my childhood. Now I’m 34 and my best kinky memories are with your vids. I have an idea for falaka. As you know it were supposed to be a punishment for students to boost their learning ability. So why not put elf on french language course (there are a lot of free apps) and she receive falaka strokes as many as her mistakes in french language test. It’s so easy using apps cause it’s got lessons step by step, and exams step by steps.

5 months ago

It is great as usual to see slave Elif’s feet red and swollen!
A suggestion next time she should have her shoe tied to her face while having the punishment! This will be a humiliation for her face to be hidden and put in the place of her stinky feet, she will regret doing mistakes.

Reply to  Slutbanger
5 months ago

We thank you. We come near to this on and but I like the idea behind your suggestion. We should try that 😉

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