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Appetite for Falaka

Nar Ezgim has left one day after her first falaka. Today she will receive bastinado 2nd time. She is ready for the falaka. However she

Peg Out Washing and Bastinado

My slave Sallenaz has washed her lingerie peg them out. I like her nylons, slips, bras and suspenders. I like to use my creativity for

Extreme Feet Torture

Phil and Nic do an extreme feet torture on Lea. Lea receives bastinado with a cane at the beginning. So her soles are hypersensitive for

Jacqueline`s Outdoor Bastinado

Jacqueline has her first outdoor bastinado today. It`s an adventure for her because she is ashamed. Maybe someone could see her receiving pain on her

Needle and Electricity Punishment

The slave’s torture begins with needles which are deep in her soles and toes. Then her Master begins with the electricity torture. He begins with

Jacqueline`s Bastinado Experience

Jacqueline and her boy friend do BDSM in their partnership. But Jacqueline has never tried out bastinado because she`s afraid of the pain. But her