Appetite for Falaka

Nar Ezgim has left one day after her first falaka. Today she will receive bastinado 2nd time. She is ready for the falaka. However she has begun to love falaka. MasterDaPain wants to make her free to speak out her BDSM feelings with this 2nd falaka. He uses her bag buckle to beat her naked soles. It is very painful because it is thin, strapped twice and heavy. She has no problems to take the first beating. But the pain becomes more and more extreme. After a few minutes she begins to speak, to beg for mercy but MasterDaPain doesn’t stop. He exactly hits the areas of her soles which pain at most especially her toes. She has to take the pain until the end of the punishment. Her feet pain much more in this falaka punishment because her feet had been punished the day before.

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