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Foot Whipping and Bastinado
amateur bastinado video

Foot Whipping and Bastinado

Ekim Vog Kicher asked us if we would like to add him into our Private Line project. He sent us his video and we were

Falaka Pleasure HD Cover

Falaka Pleasure

MasterDaPain is pleased with the education of his slave Nar Ezgim. She does a good job as a slave and as his own 3 hole

Doctor Pain Bastinado

Doctor Pain is the doctor of a dungeon. He checks up the endurance of the slaves for tortures before or he has to torture the

The Time is ripe for Bastinado

Marsha sent me an email: `Dear Parox, I know you from Falaka.net and I`m fascinated by your mercilessness. I still think i’m in my prime,

Needle and Electricity Punishment

The slave’s torture begins with needles which are deep in her soles and toes. Then her Master begins with the electricity torture. He begins with

Common Destiny of Bastinado

The Way of Falaka I Common Destiny of Bastinado (The whole Movie) – 3 women share same common destiny. They go the way of Falaka