The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain


Aşeyra Rising (Blog Entry)

Aşeyra Rising
Maybe this dairy entry will be the hardest one. Because I experienced things that are hard to describe!

After a long and delightful conversation with my Master, he was telling me something about what’s going to happen next. I immediately sensed and felt the seriousness on his face and gorgeous eyes. I was amazed at how a person who was just joking and laughing with me could grow so serious in an instant. The way he stood, looked and talked just changed. Something inside me told me to listen to him carefully and I conformed to that voice. I was listening to my Master without keeping my eyes off him and trying really hard not to look at those attractive and sweet lips. It was very hard but I managed to do it.
My Master gave me detailed information about what was going to happen and what I was going to feel.

He told me that during the bastinado session, he was going to make me lie on my stomach and tie my hands and ankles behind my back. I learned that this position was called “hogtie.” He also told me about the reason of my bastinado punishment. I was given my Master an opportunity to redeem for my previous mistakes and I thought that I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. When I was offered the chance to redeem for my mistakes that have been cumulating for weeks just with a bastinado punishment, I understood how compassionate my Master… Continue reading

Pure Caning

The true Graceful Bastinado 2 story

The Graceful Bastinado 2 Story

The Graceful Bastinado 2 Story

Bastinado – Cruel, Pleasant, with Cane and somehow Graceful


Sometimes people ask peculiar questions. Maybe I find them peculiar. If I were them, I would probably ask the same questions. It’s already hard to explain BDSM per se. When bastinado is known as a torture, how can I explain that some people enjoy receiving bastinado? Even that a woman might crave for a hard bastinado for pleasure? To understand this, you should find answers to questions like what is bdsm, how is it experienced, how is it performed, why does it attract attention and who are they. You can find these answers in an information based web site like BDSM Turkey.

Bastinado story of a slave

I want to tell you about a real experience of mine. It even has footage. But the part that I will tell you about happened only in the last 48 hours. It has a history; those moments left marks in me and we profoundly shared them. We asked questions. We talked. We sought answers. Bald communication is the best method in BDSM. Unmasked and unfiltered.

As there will be a shooting, the footage includes only what needs to be seen. What happens in it are real. Simona is a slave, a masochist and submissive with all her soul. Her nature doesn’t come alive only in BDSM. She is the same in daily life. If you accidently slap her, she will enjoy… Continue reading

Falaka was forgiving me

Falaka was forgiving meWhen I woke up, I saw my Master sitting in the terrace.

Gorgeous… It was an exceptionally warm and beautifully smelling spring day. I sat across him. I was thinking more transparently. The chaos residing in me was nodding off somewhere. The man I belong to… My Master… I didn’t know whether it was triumph or pride, but it was a very strong feeling that mingled in my soul. My life up to that moment was swiftly flashing before my eyes. But I didn’t care about any value or tragedy. The woman at the terrace across was persistently doing cleaning. It was as if a déjà vu coming from the past was sparking in my mind. This day was not the same as the previous one. Yet everything but that madly precise woman had changed. It was as if I had grown up between those two days. Actually it’s not the exact expression. My Master had carried me, healed my purulent wounds and created me all over again as an utterly different person.

In that moment, my eyes brimmed with tears but I had already cried enough. I wasn’t even panicked. I really liked the new me. I was sealed to my Master in a much stronger way. Now nothing in the world could withhold me from him. All these were swiftly crossing my mind. That day, I was going to get bastinado punishment for the second time. This time, I wasn’t excited. I was filled with desire. I was… Continue reading

4 Kız Arkadaşı

Falaka Story 4 Friends
Biz 4 kız arkadaş her cumartesi akşamı birimizin evinde buluşup pijama partisi veriyorduk.

Yine bir cumartesi akşamı kızlardan birinin evinde buluşmuştuk. Önce biraz muhabbet ettikten sonra videoda erotik bir film izledik. Sonra kızlardan biri kağıt oynamayı teklif etti. İlk buna pek sıcak bakmadık fakat sonra kızlardan biri kaybedeni cezalandıralım dedi. Bu fikir hepimizin hoşuna gitti ve oynamaya başladık. Oynarken, kaybedene verilebilecek cezalar hakkında espriler yapıyorduk. Son el ben kaybettim ve diğer kızlar bana verecekleri cezayı düşünmek için diğer odaya geçtiler. Ben biraz utanıp, başıma neler gelebileceğini kestirmeye çalışıyordum. Kızlardan bir tanesi ile çok samimiydik ve ona bütün sırlarımı anlatıyordum. Ve ona, biri tarafından sıkıca bağlanmanın çok ilginç ve heyecanlı olduğunu söylediğimi hatırladım ve birden ürperdim. O sırada kızlar içeri geldiler. Samimi olduğum arkadaşımın elinde ipi görünce ürperdim ve hemen “hayır bağlanmayı kabul etmem” diyecekken beni karşı koyamadan yere sırt üstü yatırıp ellerimi birbirine sıkıca bağladılar. Debelenmeye başlayınca birbirine bağlı olan ellerimi, yatağın ayaklarına bağladılar. Böylece ellerimi hiçbir şekilde hareket ettiremiyordum. Sonra ayaklarımı da birbirine bileklerimden sıkıca bağladılar. Böylece dizlerimin hemen altına kadar gelen geceliğim ve kısa beyaz çoraplarımla yerde sıkıca bağlı hareketsiz yatıyordum.

İçlerinden biri “ eee şimdi ona ne yapacağız? “ diye sordu. Diğer kız “ben iyi bir ceza biliyorum” diyerek diğerlerinin kulaklarına bir şeyler söyledi ve hepsi birden bana gülerek odadan çıktılar. Ben başıma nelerin geleceğini bilmeden yerde iplerden kurtulmaya çalışıyordum. Fakat bu imkansızdı çünkü ipler çok sıkıydı. O sırada içeriye uzun ve kalın bir sopayla girip ayaklarımı bağlamaya başladılar. Ben “ hey siz ne yapıyorsunuz? Bu iş… Continue reading

4 Girl Friends

Falaka Story 4 Girl Friends

We were 4 girls, giving pjama parties every saturday night at the house of one of us.
Again, at a regular saturday night, we get together for party. We just made chat a little bit and then watched an erotic movie. After that one of my friends suggested to play cards. At first we didn’t like the idea of playing cards, but when my friend said that there will be a punishment for the looser, we all liked the idea and agreed to play. We were making jokes about the punishment. Finally I lost the game and thw other girls went to another room just for planning my punishment. I was a little bit ashameed and just try to conjecture what they might do. By the way, i was very close one of the girls so, she knows all my secrets..
I just remembered that i talked about my bondage fantasies..
I have told her that I like being bounded tightly, and I find it very excited. At the same time I thrilled and shuddered.

Then they came back near me. There were a rope in the hand of the girl that I was close. I feared and just attempted to shout ” I don’t accept to be bound” , I was allready on the groud and they tied my hands.. i weas lying on my back. When i began to struggle, they tied my hands to the bed. By this way, I can2t move my hands anymore. Then they… Continue reading