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The true Graceful Bastinado 2 story

The Graceful Bastinado 2 Story
The Graceful Bastinado 2 Story
Bastinado – Cruel, Pleasant, with Cane and somehow Graceful


Sometimes people ask peculiar questions. Maybe I find them peculiar. If I were them, I would probably ask the same questions. It’s already hard to explain BDSM per se. When bastinado is known as a torture, how can I explain that some people enjoy receiving bastinado? Even that a woman might crave for a hard bastinado for pleasure? To understand this, you should find answers to questions like what is bdsm, how is it experienced, how is it performed, why does it attract attention and who are they. You can find these answers in an information based web site like BDSM Turkey.

Bastinado story of a slave

I want to tell you about a real experience of mine. It even has footage. But the part that I will tell you about happened only in the last 48 hours. It has a history; those moments left marks in me and we profoundly shared them. We asked questions. We talked. We sought answers. Bald communication is the best method in BDSM. Unmasked and unfiltered.

As there will be a shooting, the footage includes only what needs to be seen. What happens in it are real. Simona is a slave, a masochist and submissive with all her soul. Her nature doesn’t come alive only in BDSM. She is the same in daily life. If you accidently slap her, she will enjoy it without making you feel this and you won’t even understand it. Also she is well-groomed and rigorous. Whenever I visit her, I can see it in her home. I love spending time with her as she is decent. Of course I feel over the moon when work, pleasure and small talk come together like this.
Simona is not a usual slave. She is trained and experienced. I am pretty committed to my slaves but I don’t have only one slave. We agreed on this in advance and she requested that she won’t address me as “Master.” She took me as her Master but she liked belonging only to one man. When she finds the Master of her heart, she didn’t want to see addressing someone else as “Master” in her videos. I didn’t want to be the Master of her heart because I know myself. Nevertheless, there is something that bonds us. When we are together, we are in a session. The fact that we are filming this stuff doesn’t affect us during these sessions. We are turning on the camera at a certain time and we go on after we turn it off. What you will see are real, like a documentary, like a memory that I will tell…

Cruel Bastinado

She had gone through with a very harsh bastinado. I decided to be more cruel after her first bastinado. I was planning to beat her bare soles with only the cane and I did. She had to open her heart silently. I had to shake that wall of fear. I had to hold a mirror to her soul. She took it hard but she stood. She came to point of giving up a few times. She hardly kept herself from crying. But she did it. I am proud of her.

The next day, we talked about bastinado. After one day, you can put together your feelings and put your experienced into word more easily.

Do you have pain ?

“Yes, I still feel pain on my soles. It hurts a lot because they were beaten with a cane just last night. It’s hard to tell but this time it hurts much more than the last time. It seems that this pleasure will go on for a few days.”

How do you feel surviving a bastinado like yesterday ?

“I am proud of myself as I did well in bastinado yesterday. First I thought I didn’t have what it takes to stand. But as I wanted to succeed, I didn’t give up, I wanted the pain, I went on. Of course, you helped me too. I wouldn’t do it without you. I am sure that this experience will give me strength because it taught me that I could go beyond my limits.”

How did you feel when you heard you got 100 caning more ?

“I fainted when I heard about 100 canes. It seemed impossible to me. It almost turned into a magical number. I thought it was over by that time but I managed to carry on. I was able to do it. You wanted 100 canes. You wanted me to count 100 canes. And I did. I wanted to do it.”

How did you feel after it ?

“When I went through all 100 canes, I felt relieved. The fear left me. But the pain was utterly peculiar. The pain at the end was different than the pain at the beginning. You made it more severe towards the end. You were caning very hard. But they weren’t bad like the first blows.”

Last 100 Canes

She could hardly stand it anymore. Actually she had given up. But she stood. She thought it was over. But it wasn’t. There were 100 more canes to go.

MdP: “Now you are going to get 100 canes. This time, you will count each blow. If you count well and quietly, I will adjust the severity of blows.”

Her eyes grew and she went pale.

Simona: “I’m feeling bad when I think about the beating.”
MdP: “You will stand it. Trust me. Just trust me. We are going to melt away the pain. We are starting. You just count them quietly.”
Simona: “Is it going to be over after 100 canes?”
MdP: “Yes.”
Simona: “Shall I count from 100 to 1?”
MdP: “Start from 1.”

She was beyond her limits of pain and she was feared that she wasn’t worthy of me. If she was to give up again, it would be the most disrespectful thing against the Master. She didn’t know me. It was better because I was using her fears against her. I started to hit the cane very lightly. I was almost caressing her swollen red soles.

MdP: “Do you know what suffices for me now? The fact that your current state of mind is torturing you more than the cane.”

Calmness could give much more pain. Standing among the canes, taking a breath, changing the perspective and giving her strength by touching her feet doesn’t accord to the pain and torture at first. But life is just like this. BDSM is the naked face of life. And I’m someone who can act freely in that world.

MdP: “I know, I am a great sadist.”

I started to hit more harshly. I would giving breaks and touch her feet again. And then I would continue.

MdP: “80 and one for bonus”

I would always ask myself why someone would struggle with oneself and when I looked at Simona, I thought of the same question. The pain of bastinado was nothing compared to the fight and pain inside her. It was the reason that she could stand it. And I was making each cane more severe. I wanted her to remember me and this punishment at every step she takes in the future. However severe they were, she counted each cane. It was humiliating but she enjoyed this as she liked being humiliated. She counted till the last cane.

MdP: “Good girl.”

What is the difference between your 1st and 2nd falaka ?

“My first bastinado was harsh. But second one was harsher because he used cane from the beginning. I wasn’t warmed up and prepared. Today, it was unbelievably cruel.”

How could you stand the pain ?

“I had given in to my faith. I didn’t resist. I just gave in and let myself go. I could stand it only this way. There were many moments when I wanted to give up. Maybe it was helpful that he used the same tool. I knew what would happen when I gave myself in to him. I just couldn’t figure how severe it would be.”

Before the last 100 canes

It is hard to affect a slave or a woman with such a background. I knew this. Her first session lasted 48 hours and the second time was going to be the same. How do you have an effect on someone in such a short time. With cane? With bastinado? No, it’s impossible for Simona! She obeys you out of her respect to you. She looks at your face like a slave but she closes the door going to her heart and she even tries to make it vanish. You don’t even realize this. Do not underestimate strong women. Even when they are slaves, she plays with you in such a way that you don’t even feel a thing. Not because they are malevolent but because they can do it. If she is proud, she does it without making you feel it. She knows it and enjoys it.
I was determined to slap her mistakes against her face in the first session. I knew how arrogant she was and intended to shove her manners down her throat. She was feeling at ease in her shell because she felt superior. But she didn’t know how much harm she was doing to herself. That shell cannot cure the wounds in our hearts. They just cover the marks, that’s it. Since she was hiding, since she was playing, since she chose me, I was determined to challenge her.

Falaka BoundI had prepared the classical bastinado by hanging ropes from the ceiling and tied her feet to the bastinado. She didn’t even change her facial expressions as I was tying her. As if the cane wasn’t going to affect her while landing on her soles. If it was just about bastinado, it really wouldn’t affect her. Everything in her first bastinado was standard. I had warmed up her feet with whip first and used cane when she felt prepared. This time, I started with harsh blows using the cane. Right from the first cane, she was shocked at what was happening. She was looking at my face so surprised. Sometimes she even forgot how to breathe. But I wasn’t going to show mercy.

MdP: “Tell me about it. How is the pain? Describe your pain!”
Simona: “It hurts a lot this time.”
MdP: “Why?”
Simona: “I don’t know. Maybe the perception of pain differs based on daily performance and certain times.”

I was thinking about how surprised she was. I was landing the cane on her soles. And this time, I was planning to cane the fronts of her feet where she presses on high heels and cane her toes a couple of times. While hurling the cane in the air and landing on her soles, I was hearing breathing and whimpering sounds.

MdP: “Are you suffering a lot?”
Simona: “Yes.”
MdP: “Are you sure?”
Simona: “Yes.”

Still she wasn’t backing. I was caning her mercilessly while thinking “You don’t know me yet.” Even though she was resisting, I was caning her harder and without stopping. The pain was so immense that she could breathe hardly. She was trying to pull her feet back but it was futile. Actually as she tried to keep her feet back, her bare soles would come forward even more and I would cane harder. Her soles were going through hell.

Simona: “Wait, wait.”
MdP: “Wait? No waiting. There can be no waiting.”

The moment came when she was embarrassed more than ever. She was giving up. But what made her give up wasn’t only the pain of bastinado. It was about her pride. It was about how cold I was to her. It was about something being out of her expectations and control. I had taken her out of her safe zone. But I have no mercy.

MdP: “No waiting.”
Simona: “Okey, what am I supposed to say?”

Traditional FalakaAs the cane is landing, MdP narrates:

MdP: “What I am trying to say is different. If you cannot stand, we will stop but… Let me tell you this way. Did you previous bastinado start with cane?”
Simona: “No.”
MdP: “This time?”

I was unleashing my sadism and constantly caning her soles. She failed to keep her feet back because she was firmly tied. She was trying to squeeze her palm with her fingers as her right hand couldn’t hold anything and her left hand was holding the stair. Now pain was penetrating through her bones.

Simona: “My feet almost went numb.”
MdP: “Listen to me.”

I was ready to show mercy as she started to give in to her destiny. I was touching and caressing her feet. Our feet are bonded with our body and soul. Touch her feet made her feel peaceful, compassion, trust and strength.

MdP: “You are having an unprepared bastinado experience today. Out of nowhere, I am taking the cane and hitting your soles. It is close to a real bastinado torture apart from BDSM. BDSM includes preparing you to future during sessions. Right now you are unprepared. See? You don’t even know the reason. You don’t know why. I am just caning you, in a harsh way. It’s true, isn’t it?”
Simona: “Yes.”
MdP: “And I go on despite this.”

Looking at her soles, I felt like an artist. Her white skin had turned red. They were so beautifully red that it was impossible to polish a painting in the same way. The swells on the soles made the curves more attractive.
Bastinado Caning

MdP: “Now let the pain spread out inside you. You are not in a usual session. But it doesn’t allow you to give impertinent answers. Last time, you said things like “What shall I do? Shall I cry? Shall I yell?” It wasn’t acceptable for me however I am torturing you. No way.”

In order to ensure that what I was telling would be more effective, I was caning her soles as I was talking.

MdP: “So this time, we started out without a reason and conditions and without your impertinent manners. And if I see that manner again, I will make you have such a bastinado experience that you will miss this one. Deal?”
Simona: “Yes. Yes.”
MdP: “See? We are getting along just fine.”

While I kept on going on with the bastinado, I saw that she was more compliant. She had understood why I was so cruel. She accepted her punishment as she understood they she was at fault.

MdP: “I hope that you will behave well. I wonder where your arrogance comes from.”
Simona: “I don’t know what to say. I am serious, I really don’t know.”
MdP: “You see, I am serious too. We are in a good dialogue, it affects you. And it is opening new course of events. It somehow does. You are determining this course. I am walking towards you too.”

She accepted each cane. Now I was giving some time between each cane. She deserved it. Just when I was caning her soles, she asked me a question.

Simona: “May I ask you something?”
MdP: “Yes.”
Simona: “Why do you think I am arrogant?”
MdP: “In a different way, but I am already telling you about it. I am curious about your manners in all these. It should all seem exotic to you.”

Simona: “Yes.”

I liked her question. Now she was prepared to open that door I was talking about. Now she was trying not to keep her feet back. After each cane, she quietly brought her feet together into position.

MdP: “But there is one thing I like about you. You accept. You give in to a situation that disturbs you and seems exotic to you. You accept. People usually look for a meaning underneath pain. There must be a reason for you to be caned. If I had counted the blows, it would have a meaning. But I wasn’t even counting. And you weren’t asking why. It is something to appreciate but not usual.”

Falaka CaningHowever hard I caned, however pain she suffered, however harsh the bastinado bas, she accepted the pain. She was embracing the torture. She was squeezing her hands. She had no other chance. I didn’t tie her hands because I wanted them to come together with pain. She had to give strength to herself. I knew she would she would succeed because she trusted me.

MdP: “You trust me, don’t you?”
Simona: “Yes.”
MdP: “Sometimes you don’t need words. A glance should be sufficient. A glance usually tell you more than words. It is wrong to look for meaning in words for everything. Deep down, there are hidden meanings. Actually, arrogance is not bad. But I am going to explain to you what I really mean in the future.”
Simona: “Thank you.”
MdP: “But this will be a transition. You will accept everything without knowing what I will do and why I do it! You should live with this reality and accept it as is. Be it hard or easy!”

Of course she was having difficult time. The pain of bastinado is immense. It spreads to whole body and penetrates through your soul. That’s why I don’t use a traditional stick. I use a synthetic flexible cane. It doesn’t damage bones and leave splints under the skin.

MdP: “Close your eyes. Close and keep it way. Accept the pain coming to you.”

I wanted her to look at me and the cane and concentrate on the torture. I didn’t want her to think about how hard I will cane, I wanted the pain to penetrate. Now bastinado was affecting her on a new level. She was crossing her arms, squeezing her fist and holding the pain. It was like she was gaining strength to endure. She was holding her breathe as she was clenching her teeth.

MdP: “Good girl. Take deep breaths. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Feel what is hurting your feet. Feel what it’s putting you through. That gave you pain is this hand. And right now, this hand is warming you. It’s up to you whether this hand is caring or cruel. Open your eyes.”

I was touching and caressing her feet. I was giving strength and energy again. Because a harsher series of cane was waiting for her. As I was caning her severely, she was clinging to the last bits of strength in herself. Actually she thought that it was the last bits. Even she cannot know the strength in herself better than me. As the cane landed her soles, she was moving her toes. But before she completed one move, another cane was landing. As if she didn’t get enough, cane was landing on bare and swollen soles consecutively. After this cruel series of 50 canes, I suddenly stopped. She was having difficulty breathing. I started to smile when she was calm again. It was as if the canes didn’t land on her soles. As If we were just about to start bastinado. Simona was looking at my face in a surprised mannder.

Simona: “Why are you smiling like that?”
MdP: “I like it. It’s hard to tell. On one hand, camera is recording us and on the other hand, the audience want to see bastinado. But they are not even aware that there is something else going on here. We didn’t plan it beforehand. I didn’t tell you what I would do to you and you didn’t tell me about your expectations. Despite this, we are progressing. This smile comes from the fact that you found peace with yourself. You suffered a lot, you had doubts about whether you will succeed but in the end, you came to realize that you could succeed. I like it. Keep your eyes open.”

Now she had gone beyond her limits. She accepted anything I said. She accepted the torture, the pain and what I was to tell her.

MdP: “Good girl. I like it, good girl.”

She trusted me and challenging herself to stand pain. Maybe no one else gave her such a mental and physical pain before. Each cane made her go through hell. I secretly wanted her to give up. I didn’t want her to be embarrassed even though she was showing her weakness to me.

Simona: “I can’t stand.”
MdP: “You can’t? You will! You will prove to me that you can! You will succeed.”
Simona: “Can I take your hand?”
MdP: “Wait. Wait.”

If you come one step towards me, I will come three steps towards you. I always stick to this principle. That’s why I wanted her to come one step towards me. I’m going to show compassion when I want. Not when she wants. After 20 more brutal canes I leaned to her. I gave my hand. She took it and held it. She wanted to take my whole energy. It was okay for me. She would need more of my energy because her education was unfinished. Remember, this part of the story is before the last 100 canes. And we made much more out of this story.




Graceful Bastinado 2 Preview Video

There were couple of things that attacted my attention the next day.

Is it better to be bound ?

“I don’t know. In fact I am immobile even like this. What can I do? I am lying on my back like a turtle. Even if I want to resist and protect my feet, I can’t reach beyond the tips of my toes. So it doesn’t matter whether my hands are ties or not.”

Why is watching your own falaka so difficult ?

“Because you are misguiding me. I cannot figure out the severity of the blow from the way you are hitting. Sometimes the cane gains speed and you slow down or sometimes you begin hitting slowly but it ends in a harsh way and it hurts my soles deeply. It is better when my eyes are shut because then I don’t think about how hard you will hit.”

A solution for high heels that created problems.

People who watched the video of this story must have noticed something. I was trying to take off the shoes of Simona after I tied her feet to bastinado. All in all, bastinado is effective only when it is done on bare soles. But I had difficulty taking of those shoes. You might say that I should work on it. I took of incalculable amount of shoes. The next day she wore the same high heels. We planned to take a walk and her soles were still hurt. She was still unaware of what was going to happen to her. I had ordered her to wear more comfortable shoes. While she was taking off her shoes, she was having difficulty as much as I did. I took this opportunity. I took the shoehorn. It worked really wonders on her swollen soles.

Simona: “Let’s take off these shitty shoes. Of course it gets stuck. Good lord. You can wear them next time. It gets stuck too. Actually it must be my Master’s deed too. Who else tortures herself this way? Is bastinado the only way of torture? No, taking off shoes is another torture.”
MdP: “At times like this, Master has only one duty. Let me show you.”

As I was hitting her sole with the shoehorn, I said:

MdP: “If you buy such shitty shoes and make my life harder, there is only one thing to do. Get your foot up! This is the way I should tell you about appropriate, practical and good shoes. Can your other foot up so that you will keep in mind what I am saying.”
Simona: “Yes, sir.”
MdP: “You impudent girl, you impudent girl, can’t you buy good shoes? One more time, one last time, come on darling.”
Simona: “But it hurts a lot.”

Some things are learned through only pain in BDSM. It’s actually the same in life. Of course we cannot educate people with violence and torture, it is wrong. It is mutually acceptable in BDSM and these moments are experienced with the consent of adults.


Tranlation Hellboy
Author Parox Dark
Narrator MasterDaPain


All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting is strictly prohibited.

© Falaka.net

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9 years ago

This is the best bastinado story I have encountered in a decade.

Reply to  David
9 years ago

Thank you very much, David.

And I would like to thank again Hellboy for the English translation.

9 years ago

i like story and video. can you make it for sallenaz video?

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