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excruciating falaka cover

Excruciating Falaka

There are slaves who are so devoted to their Master that they feel unworthy. This can go so far that they punish themselves to express

Aşeyra Rising

Aşeyra Rising (Blog Entry)

Maybe this dairy entry will be the hardest one. Because I experienced things that are hard to describe! After a long and delightful conversation with

The Graceful Bastinado 2 Story

Pure Caning

The true Graceful Bastinado 2 story Bastinado – Cruel, Pleasant, with Cane and somehow Graceful BDSM Sometimes people ask peculiar questions. Maybe I find them

Appetite for Falaka

Falaka was forgiving me

When I woke up, I saw my Master sitting in the terrace. Gorgeous… It was an exceptionally warm and beautifully smelling spring day. I sat