Falaka Impact 8 PLUS

Falaka Impact 8 Cover Diana Lind is a former prodom known as Lady Alana. In BDSM she takes on the role of the sadistic dominatrix. Now she wants to try out the other side and puts herself in the hands of MasterDaPain. He is supposed to introduce you to the world of a slave and the falaka. This is a very difficult task. In hogtied bondage she finds it very difficult to deal with the pain. In this situation she also gets a visit from her friend Caro Cro.

Caro is amused by the situation and is happy to be able to watch her friend’s bare soles being beaten. Diana is reaching her limits and needs a break. During this break she realizes that her position as a dominatrix is an obstacle for her to struggle with the pain. She admits to submitting like a slave.

In a freely tied position the falaka punishment continues. To further humiliate her, MasterDaPain hits her feet with Linda’s own whips. She submits to humiliation and pain. She fights for a long time until she reaches her limits and Caro is visibly pleased to see her friend suffering so much.

Caro also receives a falaka

Linda reaches pain level 10 out of 10. She can’t take it anymore. Her feet hurt like hell, the soles of her feet are bright red and swollen. Caro would like to take part in the BDSM session. MasterDaPain orders them both to lick and kiss each other’s feet and to penetrate each other with their feet.

Then there is another falaka in the spirit of the video series “Bastinado f. Foot Worship”, in which Caro has to lick Linda’s feet while Linda punishes Caro’s feet with a falaka. Caro also receives a falaka for the first time. She can endure a lot of pain, which drives Linda really wild. She hits harder and harder until Caro admits that it really hurts her. But Linda doesn’t stop and has a lot of fun tormenting Caro.

Linda lives our her obvious domination. She is dominant in nature but would like to experience another falaka that is even more extreme. She has developed a taste for MasterDaPain’s sadism.

Falaka Impact 8 PLUS

Video Format: MP4 – Length: 53 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

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