The Spy

I was working as chief guards in air force base. It was a very boring night, no action and I have nothing to do, just sit and have my coffee. At about 2.30 after midnight, I sow a flashlight coming from the laboratory were we have the plane for the new secret weapon. Immediately I took my gun and my best friend Tornado (the best dog I have) and went to the laboratory. I enter the lab very carefully and I sow a man in black ninja suit. I hold up my gun and I walked slowly to the switchboard, I switch on the light and said “ freeze or I’ll shoot”.
The man tried to hit me with an iron stick were with him, butTornado was the faster, he Jump over the man and throw him to the floor. Immediately I sit over his back and cuff his hand over his back. Tornado still bites his suit till I ordered him to stop.

I took the head cover of his head, and what a surprise, it was a lady. I set her over her and look to her face. It was beautiful lady about 25 year old with blue eyes and balck hair.
I asked her “who are you, and what are you doing hear” she said nothing. “ You don’t want to speak? Very well, I’ll make you tell me the hall history about your self”. “ I don’t care what you’ll do, I’m not going to tell” she speak for the first time.
I took her out the building to MP center. I took her downstairs to the dim dungeon.
When we entered the dungeon she saw the tortures tools, the wooden horse, the stock, the drill, and the big collection of the canes and wipes.
“ What you’ll do to me,” she asked in a frightened voice. “ Nothing, I’ll play with you may favorite games.” I took of the handcuffs and ordered her to take her shoes off. “ what you want to do…” she asked. “Now you will see” I responded.

After she took her shoes and socks off, I set her on chair with feet stocks. I sat her and I cuff her hand over her head, then I tied her knees to the wooden board and rest her ankles in the stock-hall. “ What a nice feet you have” I said. She has very soft feet with pink color and a nice shaped toes.
“ Do you want to speak or start in the appetizer?” I asked her.
“ Start with what you want, I’ll never tell” she responded.
“ OH yes you will” I said that and my fingers tickling her sole up and down.
She started wiggle her feet and try to cover one foot with the other.
“Ticklish…. Ha?” I ask her
“ Noooo…. O I’mm..m not”, “ ticklish and liar.. I’ll start my new innovation”

I stop tickling her and I bring two drills and fastened them in special halls in front of her soles and I put in each two bird feathers and adjust the distance and made the head of the feathers touch the sole of her feet.
“ What are you going to do”
“ Nothing. I just want to see if you are really not ticklish as you say” I had a sit and switch on the drills
“Noooo pleasss Ha hahahahahaha pppppleeeaasssee …….”
As the drills started she full in deep laugh and beg me to stop the drill “ pleasssseee stopppp I bbbeeeg you….ha ha ha ha I can’t take it more” “ what you thing now, is you ticklish or not?” “ Yes I ammmm… Pleaassse”.
I let the tickle drills run about 5 minutes than I stopped them ask her: “ Do you want to speak now or use the second appetizer?”
“ I’ll not tell you any thing”.

Then I untie her and made her lie on the floor on her back. I tied her knee together and also her ankles. I fastened the ankles to a rope hanging to a pulley in the ceiling. I pull the other end of the rope to lift her feet to the air. I lift her feet till her beck were about one foot high from the floor. Than I tied her hand together under her knees and tied her big toes together.
“ Now, do you want to speak”
“ No”.
I took riding crop, about three feet long and stood to her right. I start to smack her sole very hard. SMACK….. Ohhh wi SMACK Nooo my feeet SMACK …. I whipped her sole about 10 minutes till the were red colored and very hot. With each stroke I ask her if she want to speak, but she didn’t answer. After 15 minutes she start to cry and beg me to stop.
I asked her “are you ready to speak?”
“ Yes, but pleas stop I cant take any more”. I untied her and made her sit on a wooden chair and start to ask her: “ ok. What is your name” “ Tiffany”
“ what are you doing hear” “ I want to steal the secret weapon” “ who sent you” she didn’t answer “ I asked you who sent you to hear?” asked her that and I went to her to give her a whip to her nipples; but she kicked me and tried to run away but her sore feet can’t help her, so she fall down and cant move. “ So, you want to run away? No you are not” I took her of the floor and made her lie face down on wooden board and I tied her hand behind her back. Than I tied her feet together and her big toes too and tied them backwards to a small ring under the bored. After that I roped her to the wooden board with cling film ( same to what we use in the kitchen).

After that I stand I front of her holding in my hand a black box about 5 feet long and one foot wide. “ Now you will know the real bastinado”. I put the box on the floor and opened it. It was my favorite cane ( Torturea). it made of fiberglass, about four-feet long, 3/4 inch thick and very flexible. I show her the cane and went back to her feet.
“ NO NOT MY FEET PLEASE … I’ll do what you want …. Pleeeaasse” I start to caned her sole…

Whooooooshhhhh SMACK!!…… Whooooooshhhhh SMACK!!…… Whooooooshhhhh SMACK!!

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH” Tiffany start to cry Whooooooshhhhh SMACK “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH my feeeeeet it’s hert please I beg you I’ll tell you what you want… Whooooooshhhhh SMACK.AAAAAHHHHH”.
I gave her sole about 50 cane to each and after that I stopped for a moment. Her sole was very red with some purple line. I had an ice bucket and start to rub her sole, ( that’s will make her sole more sensitive after 50 hard cane.
Tiffany still crying “ Pleas no more cane, I cant take any more”
“ I’ll cane you feet again till you cant walk on them till one week” I responded. I start to cane her feet, each cane draw a loud cry and tear or her eyes. “ Do you ready to talk or shall I keep going?”
“ No. I’ll talk” and she give me all the information I need and answer all my questions. In the morning I delivered the report to the HQ with all confessions I had from the spy.

The QH send her to the jail & I keep bastinado her each day.
Author Adelart

All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting is strictly prohibited. ©

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10 years ago


27 days ago

Nice! Is “interrogation-falaka” still wanted here? I have some phantasies I woul arrange to a story. But be warned: My victim-characters will all wear nylon-pantyhose, because it is one of my biggest fetish. But torturing those nyloned soles with tickling or falaka, is my favorite story-content! I promise, never to mix both techniques here and stay at pure falaka in torture-scenarios, usualyy modern time or re-playing what I read in real reports about falaka-torture in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Turkey or even greece, some decades ago. Please tell me, what you think, be respectful and polite, even you do not like… Read more »

Reply to  kevin75da
24 days ago

Hmm, looks like nobody is active here anymore.

Reply to  Falaka.Net
13 days ago

Well, just another site that changed to total capitalism! So sad, that a community does not have the balls, to write something by themselves and sharte it with the community!

Reply to  kevin75da
11 days ago

I think that’s a shame, but condemning an entire website for this is very unfair. is one of the rare exceptions in the adult area that provides teasers for such a long time. In addition, all dialogue in the productions is translated so that the stories behind the actions can be told. In the story “Excruciating Falaka” the entire interview is translated, broadcast as text and video on the website and completely free of charge. I can’t speak for the community, but I think that still stands for quality, a lot of fairness and passion. Therefore I cannot… Read more »

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