Slow Motion Falaka 1

Slow Motion Falaka 1We are starting our new project “Slow Motion Falaka” with the first part “The Cane and Friends”. Our intension is to turn it into a series of videos for bastinado enthusiasts. We slow down time to see more details and take the opportunity to dwell on details. This semi-scientific project has a documentary feel. But a real falaka is still being carried out and of course slave Elif suffers severe pain. Ultimately we have to see what a whip, a belt, an electric stick, a thin or thick cane does to the bare soles of the feet.

Using the redness on the soles of the feet, we analyze in detail what happens and how to best use the punishment tools. The whole thing is presented in the context of BDSM and includes not only the fun and joy of this passion. It’s also the pain that slave Elif suffers.

enjoy everything that’s happening to this art of pain

She would like to beg for mercy so that MasterDaPain will show mercy, but this is more than punishment. Sacrifices must be made in the name of science. Therefore she has to hold out until the end.

The focus in this video is on the cane. If we can arouse a lot of interest, we would like to invest more in the technology in the following videos. We want to make the slow motion falaka series more successful. It’s like being in another world when time seems to slow down. The falaka takes its time to visually enjoy everything that’s happening to this art of pain.

Slow Motion Falaka 1

Video Format: MP4 – Length: 53 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

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