Soha`s hidden Fantasies

I do not know how it started, but I was an average student in school, I got punished so often. The teacher always beat the palm of the hand with a ruler of a cane. Well, I had to say this introduction as now, I am single lady working in an international company’s branch in Egypt. By the way, my name is Soha, 36 years old, divorced, I spend lots of time taking care of my make-up specially polishing my feet nails. I really like my feet, and that is a common interest for Nahla and me. Nahla is 33 years old, never married and very pretty. We share the same office in Egypt, we spent most of our day at work in the office barefoot. Nahla always tell me that we both have beautiful feet so we got to let them loose and free. I got an opportunity with my lifetime friend Nahla to go for 3-month training to New York, USA. We stayed in a nice hotel, I shared my room with Nahla. It was our first time aboard, so we were impressed with everything we saw. We used to go to the training in the morning and then go browsing and shopping in the evenings and weekends. We did that for the first 4 weeks, then we decided that we need a rest, on our feet will get hurt from walking in our high heels. We decided that the fifth week is to rest at the hotel. We decided to have fun our way; watching TV, reading magazines, playing cards,… etc.
First couple days, we watched TV, played little Card till I came with an idea as we got bored of playing cards. I confessed Nahla to play for something. As she did not like any way of gambling, we agreed that the winner would order the loser to do anything or punish her. We kept going with this, we played few games with me or her hit the other’s hands as in school days with any tool. We used a hairbrush, a slipper, and even a high heel shoe. Normally, the loser picks a card to decide on how many strokes to get. We were sitting and playing on the bed as of a sudden, Nahla threw a bombshell asking if she can hit my feet instead. I thought for a moment, but Nahla insisted, I gave her my feet for the first seven strokes with a hairbrush. We kept going and going for the third and fourth nights with my feet and her feet being spanked, I even spanked her butt for the first time. But the majority was on our feet as we know how each of us likes to care about her feet.
I also have to admit that I felt something strange with my feet held in a steady position waiting for the next stroke, am I turned on!, I do not know. The only drawback is the hairbrush or the slippers are not really good tools. Nahla agreed to this issue too and indicated that my feet are hardly turning red with the hairbrush. I thought of buying a nice wooden ruler as that was used on our hands in school, but Nahla dreamt of having a nice cane to try on my feet and butt that was sometimes even bared to get the hairbrush. I suspected that she might get a nice old-days cane in New York. She indicated that we might find a place for selling dancing canes, I suspected that this may be hard too. I really felt the cane on my hand and the hairbrush and slipper on my feet, but a cane on my feet or a cane in my hand to Nahla’s feet, this would be different feeling. Nahla did not have enough courage so I asked the hotel receptionist for places to find a Christmas-shaped bamboo canes for dancing. I do not really know if he got my real point for the cane as he directed us to a BDSM store, we did not understand the meaning of “BDSM” at this time.

We went to the store, we were stunned as we see lots of sex toys including crops, paddles, canes, … etc. Both of us had a nice smile and looked at our feet when we noticed a nice cane on the shelf. We asked for assistance, as a girl gave it to us and told us that is a nice one that she personally tried before. We were all surprised about the kind of discussion and environment we are into. We admired the cane and we decided to buy it. AS we approach the cashier, Nahla noticed a sign says: “We may try the toys for you upon your approval”. She nodded to me pointing to the sign, I read it and asked the cashier about that. She indicates that a male assistant will do that in the back room if we wish. I just jumped saying: “Yes, we wish”, as Nahla just opened her mouth, me too, I do not know how I said that. But after little talk between Nahla and me she agreed and even asked if she can try first. The cashier called a guy called frank and gave him the cane, he directed us to a room and turned on the light. We can see in the middle of the room a desk with 6 light switches on it.
Frank told us few rules; what I remember is:
He will hit till we command him to stop, the strength of the strokes will depend on how many light bulb are turned on, the spankee will have to bend over this desk, It is up to the spankee to get spanked bare butt, on panties or on clothes, What he is going to do is based on our request. He made sure that this was our request, we agreed. He wondered who of us will start, after the stunning we were into, I tapped on Nahla’s shoulder to go. Nahla chose to get the cane on her clothes, she bent over the desk as Frank turned only three light bulbs and started to hit Nahla’s butt with medium strength strokes with about 10 seconds between each stroke to give a chance for Nahla to either turn on/off or stop him. At this moment, I grabbed a chair to have a seat and I was thinking if I can convince Frank to spank my feet, and should I took off the shoes now. I was sitting dangling my shoes, dipping my feet into the shoes and thinking. I just wished that Frank would accept to spank my feet. At the same time, Frank finished 10 strokes on Nahla’s butt and wondered if he should continue with another more of same strength or that is enough. Nahla turned on another two bulbs to have 5 out of 6 bulbs on and asked Frank to give her the last 6 strokes. Frank hit really stronger so that Nahla showed nice facial reaction. After Frank was over with the six strokes, he asked Nahla if the cane is what she wanted to buy, Nahla nodded by yes admiring his use of the cane. Nahla adjusted her skirt rubbing her butt a little and had a seat.

I then stood up and halted for a moment, Frank then asked me if I wanted to try the cane or not. I then stunned him and wondered if he can try it on my bare soles. He indicated that he is expert with butt spanking as it is a big target and the cane does leave permanent pain. I confessed him that this was normal in our schools and I can take it. After a bit of debate, he agreed but turned four bulbs off and only two bulbs off as he does not want to start hard. At this time, I felt relieved as I am taking off my shoes and walking bare feet to the desk. We then worked out a position where I laid over the desk on my back, raising my legs up, and my both soles side-by-side vertical and facing Frank. In this position, I had my hand close to the light switches and Nahla can see my soles very clear. Frank started very lightly after aiming carefully to the middle of my soles.
After three strokes, I turned one bulb on (3 are on now). He carefully increased the strength, but it was still light for me, I waited till he gave me another 3 strokes and I turned another two bulbs (5 are on). He showed a surprise on his face and asked me if this is what I want, I nodded yes. He then gave me three medium strength strokes, but I still did not show much reaction to it, I can see now more surprise on Frank’s face as he thought I would not be able to take those on my feet. I then turned on all six bulbs and asked if he can do even harder. He asked me twice if I am sure, I responded by yes. He started with the first hard stroke, I showed no response. With the second and harder stroke on my soles, I showed facial reaction and wiggled my toes. He looked at me to continue, I nodded for yes.
The third stroke hitting my feet made me to move and wiggle them. I indicated that this is really good and he should continue like that. With the fourth hard stroke, I showed facial reactions and kept moving my feet. Frank halted a bit, I then held my legs in place for him and asked him to continue with the final six strokes with the hardest strength. Frank went ahead with the same rhythm, pausing for few seconds after each strokes, he landed six strokes all over my soles. Nahla told me later that my soles were starting to turn red with these last six strokes. Afterwards, I lowered my feet and walked to my shoes to wear it thanking Frank, who made sure again that he did not harm my feet as it was a new area for him to spank. I stressed that this was normal for me, even it was my first time to really get my feet spanked in a semi-real way as the fun spanking I did with Nahla was below average from the feeling I had with Frank. Nahla and I grabbed the cane and went to pay at the cashier, we figured that we need to get out of there as we just had lots to say and talk about.

At the hotel, we asked ourselves how did we do that, if somebody back home heard about that, we would be shot in a public place ! Nahla was also surprised for me loving to get my feet caned. We wasted no time, we started to play cards with more cane strokes on my feet and few on Nahla’s soles and hands. Nahla noticed that I am trying to lose so I get my feet caned as I just give her my feet without she ordering me to get either feet or hands. Nahla faced me with the fact of my being lost more times, so at one time after I lost in a card game, she told me to get my butt ready for the cane. I got the first patch of strokes on my night and light dress, later on the night we were too excited as we were evenly spanking the other’s feet and butt on the bare too. We just were playing naked except for the bra. We continued the fun for some nights, enjoying our time with either playing cards or browsing and shopping. After two weeks and at least five nights of fun and playing cards, getting caned on hands, butt an feet while being half naked. I was almost addicted, and Nahla noticed that many times and noted that we will miss that fun back home. It was really fun to get the cane by Nahla but I really loved the last six hard strokes of Frank’s cane. At the end of one of our night, I asked Nahla if we could go back to Frank to try out another tool. She was really surprised at my addiction to get bastinadoed, while she admitted that she had no problem getting the cane on her feet and butt from me. Finally, we decided to go back to Frank’s store.

We dressed while as normal, wearing nice dresses and high heels. We entered the store and kept browsing till we selected a nice 2-in wide paddle and a long cane, then I asked the cashier if Frank is available to try the tools. She indicated that he is busy with a customer but she will see if we can get in the room and she left. We were speechless as we may watch somebody getting Frank’s punishment. When she came back, she said that the customer did not mind us go and sit there till the end of her treatment. We slowly entered the room to find a lady about 25 years old bent over the desk while naked from the waist down and being paddled by Frank with six light bulbs on. We sat down and watched the last eight strokes on her bare butt as she gave descent screams after each one. By the end of the paddling, we saw her butt turned uniformly red.
She rubbed her butt for a while and thanked Frank and went to her chair to get dressed. Then, Frank turned to us as we gave him the paddle and cane, but he stated that he could not give more than 30 strokes for each of us because some other good customer may come soon. Nahla told Frank that 30 strokes is too much for her anyway indicating that she will start first and asked for 16 strokes, eight with each instrument. Frank asked Nahla if she assume the position bending over the desk, however, Nahla pointed to her feet to be caned this time. Nahla slipped off her heels, laid over the desk with legs up and both feet facing Frank who was ready with the cane to sudden, while Nahla turned five light bulbs on out of the six.
The 26-year old lady was about to leave as the store assistant came and ask for permission to get the “good” customer in, Frank looked at me, I could not refuse as we already watched one lady and it looked like Frank really appreciate this customer. I agreed but Nahla’s face turned red then ! Anyway, we did not regret that later on. This customer was a lady in her 41 or 42, coming with few toys including a riding crop, cane, strap and other things. She sat right beside me after she greeted Frank and me. I can see her looking surprisingly for Nahla’s position with feet exposed this way. Frank gave Nahla’s soles the eight strokes with the cane pausing few seconds after each stroke, those were hard as he got more confidence striking my feet last time, Nahla showed some facial reactions and hidden screams.
At these moment, while having a seat and I took off my shoes, neither the lady called “Jessica” by the way nor Frank noticed me being bare feet. I even was a bit confusing, but it is like a feeling of trying a shoe in the shoe-store and waiting for the assistance to get your selected shoe. This feeling was enough to get me close to an orgasm. Frank switched to the 2-inch paddle giving Nahla a minute to adjust her position and rub her feet together. I was just rubbing my feet too getting ready for the new shoe, sorry I meant the cane and paddle. Frank paddled Nahla’s feet with eight strokes so that red marks started to appear. Nahla showed same reaction of facial pain trying to hide her screams for embarrassment as me and Jessica was watching. At the end, Frank asked Nahla if this is enough, she agreed and lowered her feet and went to have a seat and wear her shoes. Then, it came my turn, Frank saw that I was barefeet already, so he made the right guess and asked how many would I get. I asked Frank to give me 25 strokes with the paddle and 25 with the cane to make total of 50 on my feet, I also turn all light bulbs on and asked him for the hardest strokes.
He then, indicated that the maximum is 30 as Jessica is waiting, however I negotiated that Nahla had way less than 30 so I can get the balance. He looked at Jessica, who nodded her head for yes as I was really keen to get the 50 strokes. But, Jessica asked if Frank does mind to gave her couple spankings to start thinking of her treatment with a corner time while I am getting my 50 strokes. In few seconds, Jessica stripped off her clothes to be fully naked without being ashamed because of us ! She then gave Frank a cane and something, that I could not see.

Frank ask her to get ready, so Jessica bent over touching her toes quick, as Frank landed four quick and very hard strokes on her butt. Jessica screamed with each stroke as these strokes left good marks on her while buttocks. Frank asked Jessica to go to the corner, where he put this thing which now I know it as a “buttplug” in her butthole. She did not object as he also gave her the cane to keep holding in the corner. Frank looked at me to see if I was ready, I was just watching with my mouth open, but I moved quick and I reminded Frank to give me strokes as hard as he gave Jessica, he just smiled asking me to take position. I lay on the floor this time raising my legs up towards Frank trying to keep my feet side-by-side.
Frank aimed at my soles with the 2-inch paddle and started to hit really hard pausing few seconds after each stroke and asking me every five strokes if this is too hard for me. I really started to scream after the tenth stroke, I was also moving my feet and rubbing them together whenever I get a chance. After the 15th stroke, I could not keep my feet side-by-side in place as one stroke went to the air. It was hard punishment, I have never got before and I can see this also from the facial reaction of Nahla and even Jessica as they were saying, “oh, poor girl” !
Frank, after striking the air, thought that was enough for me, but I told him that I will continue while Nahla holding my legs for him as done in our school for lazy girls and I asked him to keep the same strength. I asked Nahla to do so, she approached me and held my legs at the ankle by her both hands really good. Frank started to continue giving me the last 10 strokes with the paddle while Nahla having good grip on my legs. At the end, he made sure that I would be ready for the cane too. I agreed but he said that he would give me one minute to cool down a bit. According to Nahla, my soles were all red. I took this minute to rub my soles together as Nahla relaxed her grip. On the other hand, Frank, grabbed the cane and we then heard a hard stroke with Jessica screaming while Frank asking her to bend over. I can see this while on the ground, as Frank gave Jessica four quick strokes with our cane on her butt, Jessica screamed loud and jumped up and down. Frank asked her back to the corner, and adjusted the buttplug in he butthole, asking her to hold her cane again. At this moment, Frank looked at me to see if I am ready. I nodded my head, while Nahla adjusted her grip on my ankles to expose my soles. Frank touched my soles with the cane for a good aim and started with five quick strokes that made me scream loud, he then halted for few seconds till I became quiet. He repeated this for two other times, after the 15th strokes I was just screaming and trying to take my feet off Nahla’s grip who was thinking of releasing them till I kept back to steady position and calmed down. Frank asked if he may continue, and as he got my “yes” nodding, the came was quickly fired on my soles for five hard strokes.
I kept screamed but finally calmed as I knew, my soles are about to receive the final five strokes. Frank gave me the final five strokes really hard as I kept screaming. Nahla released my feet as I sat on the ground rubbing my soles. I stood up, hardly walking on my toes towards my seat. At this moment, Frank ordered Jessica to assume her position over the desk. I, then, asked if we could wait till my feet get some rest. Frank looked to Jessica who laid face down on the long desk exposing her backside, as we are about to watch her treatment too. Jessica did not mind, but Frank asked if I should take some corner time to think about my punishment while I am still in the room. I thought of it and I did not mind, so I went and stood tip toe in the corner as my feet was treated enough that I could not touch the ground with my heels or arches. As I was in the corner, my mind was just going crazy to my feelings, I am in the corner after got punished as done in my school time, but I got it on my pretty feet this time from a 30-years old man who can fit very well for a strict school teacher. And here I am, barefeet and embarrassed. I adjusted my self in the corner so I can turn my neck and see Jessica’s treatment.

Frank turned to Jessica on the desk and started to give her rapid and hard strokes with the came all over her butt and even thighs, her butt turned very red in less than a minute with over 30 strokes. Jessica screamed very loud but never resisted. I lost count too but, Frank used to rest his hand and of course Jessica’s butt for a minute and then continued with more rapid and hard caning. After about ten minutes, we can see bruises started to appear on her butt with louder screams from Jessica. Frank, then, stopped and asked Jessica if she will take her corner time after this treatment.
But, Jessica, rubbing he butt, and blew a bombshell and asked Frank to cane her soles to try this out ! Frank was stunned as Jessica in her position laying face-down over the desk, raised her feet back up, to make her soles flat for Frank. Frank made sure that Jessica really wanted that, she nodded yes. He grabbed the cane again and started with medium hard strokes with pauses after each one. Jessica showed less reaction to those strokes as she asked Frank to do as he did to her butt. Frank, then, started to show his real face of punishment striking five strokes in a row, hard and quick. Jessica screamed loud as Frank continues with other five strokes. Frank finished 50 strokes with the cane on Jessica’s soles, I have to admit that she was stronger than me taking these treatment, she had not her feet held in position, she did not show any tears. I was just about to cry at the end of my treatment.
Jessica told Frank that was good and enough, so he asked her to assume the corner position. She came and stood beside me, while the buttplug is still on. Frank then, said that any of us is free to go at any time. I then walked back to my seat, but I could not wear my shoes, so I hold it in hand. Nahla and me said goodbye and thanked Frank and I thanked Jessica for letting us around during her punishment, she also thanked me for teaching her new punishment pointing on my bare feet and said she will keep doing this every time with Frank. I left the room bare feet, shoes in the hand and went to buy the paddle and went back to the hotel barefoot.

The biggest surprise happened two weeks before we left New York, Guess who was the Tutor for the this week in our training course, JESSICA ! Once, we saw her entering the room, I was just turning all colors. Jessica actually is very expert in computer business and an excellent demonstrater. We were only 10 in this session, it was easy for her to notice us and give me a nice smile. In her sessions that lasted one and half hour for five days, I was just thinking of one thing: What if we get the years back and we are back to school, will Jessica get the cane to my feet as a lazy student. I shared this feeling with Nahla who thought that I reaaly need to get my feet caned very hard to get these off my crazy mind. Nahla did not mean the caning that she still does to me after every card game, but a real Frank’s style of caning as been in our old school days..

We went back home after finishing our training. It was a magnifisent trip that got lots of hidden fantasies out of my mind and body.
Author Nadia
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10 years ago

Hi I like yr story I live in newyork thank u Sam

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