Emily’s Merciless Caning

Emily's Merciless Caning A completely new phase of life begins in Emily’s era. “New Horizons” couldn’t describe her beginnings to passion to pain in changing her soul better. The 2nd BDSM session is epic. Emily is sure that such a hard falaka has never been seen in Madrid before.

At first Emily struggles against the pain of the whip and it seems that the next step with the cane can’t really be taken. But she lets her soul falling and fights against giving up. The power of the merciless cane is inhumane. Emily struggles with her body shaking uncontrollably under the intense pain. But MasterDaPain shows no mercy. He directs all his energy into reshaping Emily with the greatest pain, as if he were forging steel with hellfire.

Falaka punishments

He uses 2 unimportant reasons to punish her with the greatest possible pain. She simply forgot to bring her nail polish and was late. But MasterDaPain does not tolerate indiscipline. In addition, Emily is above no other slave. That’s why she has to apply red nail polish to every BDSM session like every other bitch. This small excuse for such a harsh punishment is at the same time humiliating.

Emily takes MasterDaPain’s previous words to heart and implements them. She places herself in the moments and spirit of Lexa Lane and Sallenaz. She remembers the videos of their Falaka punishments. Emily puts herself in their souls and goes through the unbelievable torment. As a result, she finds the strength to face a pain she had never felt before. She would have given up on any other occasion, but here she fights bravely.

However, the falaka punishment takes a long time and Emily’s merciless caning pushes her mental limits.

Emily’s Merciless Caning Teaser

Video Format: MP4 – Length: 66 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

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5 months ago

Lovely video! I have been waiting for this post to comment this: First; I loved how Emily managed to embrace the pain eventually, like she promised in the interview. I loved the little feet shots during the interview as well; I think Emily’s feet looked really good there. That throwback to Lexa; It really did hit the nostalgia spot for me. It has a poetic click to it, if I may say so. The hogtie did a great job as showcasing the curvature of her arches and her cute legs. I loved her moans, especially the little ones during the… Read more »

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