The Art of Foot Torture and Bastinado Pain

Falaka Impact 2

First Bastinado Punishment 4 Dirty Feet

Falaka Impact 2 Cover HDWe're happy to announce that the 2nd part of Falaka Impact is out now. We have the same conditions as before. One of this condition is that it must be her first bastinado. She is Miss Rage. She came to the session with her boy friend who was the guest of the whole bastinado punishment. Miss Rage likes the game of domination and submission but she has never received any bastinado or foot torture. And we found a good reason to punish her feet.   Dirty FootHer feet were really dirty. Her other foot is also dirty. What would you do if this girl was your slave? Wouldn’t you punish her feet with bastinado until she realized her mistake and promised to do better? You have good chances to educate her with bastinado if she has never received bastinado yet. The skin of her soles are so sensitive that the bastinado pains double or more. Please look carefully to the picture or to the preview gallery. We think she should get a good foot cleaning education. How would you educate her?   In CageArresting her in cage or other D/s power games are funny but we are sure bastinado is better. So Miss Rage received a long and intensive bastinado in traditional falaka position. She was able to stop anytime but Miss Rage is a real tough girl. It didn't matter for her how painful it became. Her boy friend gave her power. The humiliation in front of him gave her more power. She didn't shrink from the beatings of the whip and wasn't ashamed to be humiliated by the punishment in front of him or the camera. You can watch her crying and talking about the pain, bastinado and feelings. Watch her screaming while her feet and naked soles swelled, became dark red and full of marks.   You can buy the video from our shop (also witout subtitle) or download it with the whole picture gallery in our Member Area.   Please post a comment and share your experience or your imagination how to educate a slave.  

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1st of thing i will make a story to her for every day maybe about school which is talking about she is a lazy teacher and i will punish her first of thing i give her an exams and start the punishment gradually until i arrive to the falaka the top punishment sure she wouldn’t her about it because it is no famous in all country and she will wounder about it and i will make the traditional 1 and starts the procedure of the punishment 1st she get attention and rise her hands up and tip toes while i… Read more »

I would scrub them clean with a stiff brush. Maybe wire.


She definitely should try bastinado! Those feet need to be caned and whipped.


발바닥에 식초바르고 때리고 싶다

Google translation: I want to slap on the back foot rubbing vinegar


Both will be great to her she will learn

Ahmet Düzen

Türkçe paylaşımıda alabilir miyiz acaba parox forumundan ?

English translation: Can we have this topic in Turkish language on ?


Hopefully she is replacing Lexa and has the same tolerance to pain. Place her into the parrot perch and give her some hard bastinado with an aged rubber hose and cane!


Please bastinado her with nylin stocking
Tank you
I loved falaka with nylon feet


Das “Für diese derartige Unverfrorenheit sollte sie 50 Peitschenhiebe auf den nackten Rücken und 50 Stockhiebe auf die nackten Sohlen erhalten! :-)” ist ein richtig guter Vorschlag. Ein richtig guter Vorschlag.

Charlotte Murphy

Fantastic Piece