I Love Falaka More

Falaka Cover Since the first falaka video, slave Elif has changed and evolved a lot. She startet with “I ❤ Falaka”. It’s an evolution when you compare what she was punished for before and what she’s being punished for now.

In this “I ❤ Falaka More” video we want to go deeper into the punishment and the love for the falaka. You have to love pain for that. Elif does. But how can you endure this pain? Finally, the soles of her bare feet are beaten mercilessly and with full force with the whip, the cable and the riding crop. To intensify the pain, she is given electric shocks on the soles of her feet.

I Love Falaka

It starts with the reason for the punishment. In contrast to the past, this one is more in-depth and filigree. She will not be penalized for formal errors or omissions. Rather, she is praised and only punished because her performance at fulfilling orders in her Master’s absence is not quite as good. A slave would receive mild punishment for this. In this punishment, Elif learns that the punishment is a tribute to her love for the falaka. I love falaka more is meaning right this.

The more she loves the falaka, the better a slave she will be. She understands this and rises to the challenge, embracing the pain in deep love for the falaka.


Video Format: MP4 – Length: 60 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

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