Chocho’s Summer Falaka

Chocho's Summer Falaka Chocho is among the women who find love for the pain of the falaka after “Falaka Impact”. The falaka hurts her, but it’s like eating something spicy. It burns, but you can’t stop eating more of it.
It’s similar to Chocho. Therefore she gets a nice summer falaka punishment. The task is easy to find a punishment. Chocho is a passionate and proud woman. She doesn’t necessarily like being humiliated or doing menial tasks. She should clean the terrace of the house. Of course on her knees and with her hands. As expected, this task is performed poorly. Chocho’s Summer Falaka begins and she is punished in the traditional Falaka position.

She bravely takes the pain at first, but unlike Falaka Impact, the punishment doesn’t stop when she reaches her pain threshold. Chocho reacts to the never-ending punishment with an irritated smile. She even starts begging for mercy, but MasterDaPain shows no mercy. He reacts to this distorted laugh with his laughter, and despite the ironic joke, the punishment escalates. She has to feel the cane for the first time.

Although the cane is used to a tolerable extent, the pain is almost unbearable. It’s her first time being hit with a cane. Every hit leaves short imprints on her soles, so you can understand that it hurts her a lot, because her soles are very sensitive.

Feet are Punished

She endures it bravely and is happy to have made it. But it goes further and she has to fight with herself to endure it. Because the last blows with the flogger hurt even more now. And when she is finally freed from the falaka, there is a nasty surprise at the end. The soles of her feet are punished with electric shocks.

Chocho is a brave woman who endures her first times with the falaka very well. She knows full well that every Falaka will increase. If you want to know what she said about a next falaka, watch the video.

Chocho’s Summer Falaka TEASER

Video Format: MP4 – Length: 49 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

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7 months ago

i hope to watch more

7 months ago

I like her fight against the pain. This video is a good sequel to falaka impact. I hope we can see more from her.

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