Falaka Impact 4

In the fourth part of our Falaka Impact series, Roya is our guest. She is actually a dominatrix and a sadistic disposition herself, but would like to have this falaka experience with MasterDaPain. The first humiliation begins with the fact that she has to lick her dirty soles clean and soft. Since Roya is neither submissive nor masochistic in the true sense, this falaka session is completely different. It is not melancholy, but a game of forces. There are very funny moments that are full of irony on both sides, but the pain is real and Roya has to fight with herself and her limits. She had never experienced the falaka and at first the pain seemed gentle. But she underestimated the skills and experience of MasterDaPain. The initial tender pains become unbearable over time. In addition, he humiliates her with his sharp tongue in a very perfidious way. Her feet are tortured until she can no longer wittily and even breaks out in anger. The falaka impact in this video is medium hard, but Roya’s pain experience is pushed to the limit.

Video Format: WMV – Length: 25 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

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3 years ago

More videos using toe cuffs please?

2 years ago

I would love to see more of her or blondes and redhead women with soft feet taking hard punishment

1 year ago

My wife soft soles are punished almost every week, by me and her lovers (guys and girls) and that turns me on a lot and she accepts the bastinado/falaka with courage and even confessing that it turns her on sexually. I like to use and the other punishers too, leather belts, large wooden paddles, whips and sometimes canes (these are the ones that cost him the most as they are very painful and mark too much).

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