Lexa Dies

Lexa tries to commit suicide by hanging herself. Her spirit dies but her life goes on. Now she must be punished for this. Her Master, MasterDaPain punishs her with a hard bastinado. He ties her feet with the rope she has used for hanging. He uses 2 different floggers. One is more painful than the other. She just screams but don`t beg for mercy because she knows she made a bad mistake. A very bad mistake so the pain of the flogger isn`t enough painful punishment for her. MasterDaPain continues with a cane. Now the pain is extremely deep for Lexa. MasterDaPain knows it and begins to speak with her. He beats harder while she has to understand not doing it again. At the end she gets it really. Then the final punishment begins. MasterDaPain uses 2 other canes for it. Both are more painful than the first cane. One of them is peeled and the other one is unpeeled. She has to count until 30 and it`s forbidden to cry and scream. These 30 strokes are so painful that she has problems controling herself not to scream and cry. But if she does she will pay hard for it too. This story will continue and it`s a real BDSM relationship.

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