Shoe Humiliation Foot Punishment

The slave girl Elif receives a package from Germany. They are Alice’s high heels. In the video, Elif can see Alice wearing the shoes and spitting into them several times. She is humiliated by her several times. Alice says, for example, that Elif is worth less than dirt because she will lick a slave’s worn shoes and spit. Alice is also a slave. All of this makes Elif so horny that she opens the package full of excitement. Her job is to worship the shoes.
She smells, kisses and licks the shoes inside and out. She licks all the dirt off the soles of her shoes. She loves shoe humiliation and does her job. In the end she is so horny that she sticks the heel in her cunt. Although she does her job very well, her master wants to humiliate her even more and for that he does a foot punishment. She has to stand over candle flames for a long time.

Falaka, the elementary foot punishment

She actually loves this pain, but the heat of the flames is getting more and more unbearable. There is also a new instrument of punishment. She was very frightened when she felt an electric shock on the soles of her feet. MasterDaPain uses an electric baton, the stinger. Then her feet are tied to the wall and the soles of her bare feet are doused with hot candle wax. With fire they are subjected to further pain until the soles of the feet reach their pain limits. Only now does her Master begin with the falaka, the elementary foot punishment. This is so painful that Elif squirms in pain.
She whines and pleads, but none of that is of any use. The stinger is also used again and again to break her will again. She knows she did the job well, but still she begs like a penitent bitch because she knows that is the only way out of the torment.

Even so, he doesn’t stop and push her to the limit of her pain. She would like to give up, but that option doesn’t exist. If she cannot surrender to the pain, she has to go through the punishment all over again. She submits to the agony of the pain of punishment.

Video Format: WMV – Length: 72 MIN – Size: 1920×1080 Full HD

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8 months ago

so much pain just for shoes 👏

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