My Ex Girl Friend

once i had a date with my exgirlfriend.nobody was at home only us.i asked her about the positions she liked at sex time or any job she like me to do her.she only told me kisses and love making .i asked her about tickling and bondage but she had not intrest in these too.she was allways barefooted at home and with sandals outside.i have noticed that she likes her feet.i guessed that maybe she has some foot fetish but i was not sure about that.

I told her that i have found from web some articles about bondage and tickling in sex but nothing about bastinado.she accepted that me bound her feet and suspend them from a loop over the roof while her back is on the flore.and in that position we play sex and tickling.i told her that she should take off only her t shirt and sutien but not her jeans and only open the botton of her jeans.I took a peace of sheet and grabed arond her ankles because i didnt want to hurt the rope.then i took the rope and suspended that from the loop.and bond her ankles over the sheet.
so she was suspended from her ankles.during this time she were laughing but i could see some fear in her eyes.

then i began to bound her arms. she told me that she doesn`t like this but i told her it is essential! after finishing the bondage i began to massage her vagina and clitpris by my fingers while her jeans was near her knees.she began to reach to orgasm and all the time told me that she loves me when i noticed she is going to reach to orgasm,i stopped my fingers. she beged me not to stop and continue the massage but instead i took the ruler from the desk and began to bastinado her first she was shocked andasked me about that and instead of answering her me began to massage her clit by my toes.she was in tje sensation ohf pain and orgasm in one time but begging off pain with that erotic sound arising from her orgasm.i think i beated her with 20 striks and after the session i took her off the suspention and made her naked.we began to do the sex but she didnt told me any word during that and after we finished she told me that never wanrs again to see me!!!!!!
and went out of my home and never we see each other again. after that i didnt tell anyone about the bastinado but never will forgot this story.
Author Bob
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