First real Story

Last valentine’s day I made my mind to make it very special day for my beautiful wife. I want to give her a special gift in a special way.
Two days before that day, I went to the beauty center were my waif use to go to have her hair cut and to do the all feminine beauty thing. I asked the manager to call my wife and tell her that she has win a free hear and body beautification and she should be there next day at 5.oo PM. I told the manager that my wife shouldn’t know any thing about me and they should take a very good care of her and make the most expert girl work with her and I’ll pay every thing they want. After that I went to the clothing shop and I bought her a nice sexy black dress with black shoes and black stocking. And sent them to the beauty center. I called the manager and ask her to give this to my wife as an additional gift from the center and insist to make her wear them.

Next day I kissed Tiffany and I told her that I’m going to my work (in fact, I didn’t have to work that day, I took that day of). I drove my car and stopped in a place I can see my home from. I wait in my car for about two hours than my mobile phone start singing.
” Hi Adel, its me, look dear the beauty center called me and say that I won a free beauty work and I should go today, I’ll be late to night”
“Ok honey, take your time. I’ll finish my work and I’ll be home at 9.oo P.M.” I hung up the phone and wait for another 30 minutes. Now Tiffany went to her beauty center “now I can cook by my self and can start with the second part” I spoke with my self as I park the next to the home. I started to cook and make the diner for my lovely wife. I finished cooking and then I set the table. I put candles and a bunch of Tiffany’s favorite flowers. Than I went up to the bedroom to set the tools of the party. I have candles ropes, electric tooth brush and a wooden stick about 1.5 inch wide, 2 feet long, 1/3 inch thick. I but the stick in the cold water and leave it there. I dressed my self up and I put my favorite tie (the one Tiffany gave it to me when we ware engaged. It was 9.00 sharp when I finished every thing. After 5 minutes the doorbell rang. ” Its party time” I opened the door, and what a beautiful woman I sow, is it an angel or a full moon in a dark night, really every day I see this woman more beautiful than ever. ” Hi, can I came in, please”
“Yes my dear” she entered the hose and suddenly she stopped in the middle of the room and looked around ” what was you ding” she asked. “Happy valentine dear, I want it to be a special evening” I took of her coat and went together to the table. We started to eat, no one speak, just eyes talking than Tiffany broke the silence ” well, well. Now I knew everything, the beauty center, the free gift, diner, flower and candles, you did all that isn’t you” I told her ” No. What you are talking about” and I smiled. She took the table towel and start to hit me and laugh ” you manic boy, I should know from the beginning” than she gave me a big kiss me and said thank you. We finished our diner than went to the living room. ” Thank you honey, it’s relay good surprise. I forgot every thing about today, and I thought you did” ” but I didn’t finished yet” I responded.

“Wait for a second. I can’t take more of you surprises, what you have for now” I asked her to close her eyes then I took her hand and went to the bedroom.

When we entered the bedroom she opened her eyes and sows everything. She saw the candles surround the bed and saw about 15 candles on the floor that I put them in a hart shape.
I start to unzip the dress and took it of. After that I made her sit on the bed and I bend down to her feet. I took the left one. I took the shoe off and kissed her big toe. Also I did that to the left foot. Than I walked my hand to her thighs and start to take down her stocking. I hold her bare feet and lift them next to my face. I kissed her toes one by one, than I licked her sole in my tongue and that is made her tickle.
” Are you ready for the party” I asked her ” Yes. I’m all yours” I mead her lie on her back and cuffed her left hand to the bed’s bar and I did that to the right one. Than I tied her feet over the bar and made her two feet about three feet apart. I went to the bathroom and bring the stick. ” Now honey I’ll smack your feet as you like. When you want me to stop just say.” I give her the first one her right foot Crack. OOOHH..Crack….OOHHHHH. I gave her ten to the left foot and ten to the right foot. Her feet became red and hot. I stopped the smacks and bring an ice cube and start to rub her soles. She tried to pull bake her feet but she couldn’t. ” So, you want to go? It’s too early to go” I start to walk my finger up an down over her soles. ” NOOOOO ..please I’m so ticklish” ” I know that, and I’ll not stop now” I tickled her about ten minutes by may fingers and she laughing so mach. I stopped for a while to give her a rest ” what you thing now” I asked her ” please no more I cant take it, please”. I took the electric tooth brush and show it to her ” NOOO pleasaeeee not with the b. HA ha haha hahahaha…” and she start a very loud laughing ” ha hahahah please I cant take it more hahahahahahahahaha…” after 30 minutes I stopped the brushe but Tiffany still laughing. ” Did I tern you on” I asked he but she still laughing. I untied her feet and sat on the bed under her feet. I but her feet in my lap and started to massage her sole ” how you feel” I asked her. “Great, just keep going”. I start to kiss her sole, toes and feet. And start going up to her thighs. I kissed them and slowly took of her underpants. I hold it to my nose and had a sniff I feel the wet in her vagina. I start to kiss and suck her clitoris. I took of my clothes and un cuffed her hand. I kiss her from the mouth and from her nipples. She surrounded me by her legs and we start making love.
We had orgasm three times, relay we both hot. After that we went to sleep.

Next morning I get up early and made up the breakfast to hear. I took the breakfast to the bedroom and left the tray there. And sit down in the couch. After while she opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled. ” Did you sleep well” she want to go out of the bed, she tried to walk but she felt something sting in her middle toe. She looked down to her feet and was the last surprise she found a golden toe ring in her left foot. ” Now tell me what you thing” I asked her ” you are great as ever I love you” I kissed her and went to my work and I daydreaming of her.
Author: bastmaster

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