Prophecy of the Falaka

The Way of Falaka II

The bastinado and feet torture punishment continues. Sallenaz is really angry and she forces the 2 slaves to worship her feet. Lexa and Marsha lick, suck and kiss as good as they can. They want to calm and please their Mistress because the pain become extremely common. But Sallenaz is beside herself with rage so she doesn`t stop beating again and again on the 4 soles of the 2 poor slaves. Lexa and Marhsa finally lick the shoes of Sallenaz and swallow the dirt while they receive bastinado. They do everything their Mistress orders, beat their own soles, beat the soles of the otherone while Sallenaz also beats, they beg for mercy but this punishment doesn`t stop. But Sallenaz recognizes that they have learnt their lesson. She goes out of the room. Lexa and Marsha are happy this painful punishment has stop. They begin to make love while they are captivated. Sallenaz catch them. Now they have to count 100 strokes. But Sallenaz can`t count well and she also give extra strokes for every mistake. At the end Lexa and Marsha are out of power. The last power is just for begging and worshipping their Mistress. Sallenaz thinks she made a good job by doing this severe punishment. But her Master doesn`t like it and he is also angry because the slave are too nasty. So the traditional falaka begins. It is the prophecy of the falaka that every slave of Parox will be educated by hard falaka. Sallenaz gets an extreme punishment. In lesson number 1 she feels the pain of the whips. Parox beats her as strong as he can by solo and double beating with 2 whips. In lesson 2 he beats her with the 2 paddles. Sallenaz begs for mercy, promises doing everything to become a better Mistress but God knows mercy – Parox doesn`t ! Finally he does falaka with a peeled and a unpeeled cane. Then Marsha and Lexa have also to learn the pain of traditional falaka and they lay down to receive severe pain.

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2 years ago

Was für ein schöne falaka, Sallenaz ist so eine Königen, mein Traum ist einmal ihre Füße zu lecken

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